Ode to Math 265H - S'02 ... and Dr. Johnston

Um, no he didn't die, this is just a good-bye page to the course...

<<insert sad funeral march here>>  Dun, dun, du dun, dun, da dun da dun da dunnnnnn.

*sniff* We shall all miss our beloved instructor, friend, database of old movies, and king of the colored chalk.

It was a hard four months, but we trudged through it, enduring such atrocities as the mac lab, such un-spellable words like the planimeter (MSWord says the closest correct word is pluviometer), and numerous concepts which just don't really seem to apply anywhere.

But we did learn several important life lessons such as drawing 3D pictures on 2D paper, who killed the girl in Psycho, bringing donuts on evaluation day, and of course, who can forget, the impact colored chalk can have on a lecture.

But seriously, he's a great guy, who's more than willing to, after assigning an evil project on which our only resources are macs, help us out with the finer details of cumbersome math software and quintuple integrals. He'll also, gladly lend a hand (or a piece of colored chalk) to anyone of his students needing help in another class. I know he saved me in particle physics once . . .

I greatly envy the students who receive the privilege of learning from this great man in the coming years (unless he teaches C2 of Diff Eq in the fall; I won't envy you guys....). He is a wonderfully tolerant man, especially of the most annoying students ISU has to offer. And when you think the lecture is too boring, he'll just pop out that colored chalk, and Math takes on a whole new meaning!

Dr. Johnston, (most of) your Calc 3 Honors class and I, will greatly miss you elegant teaching. Some of us may never have class with you again. Perhaps we should hold a five-year reunion.... we could all have a sample of that great (er, allegedly great) homemade "beverage" of yours.   ...and draw pictures with colored chalk.

Wherever our paths take us, we will always remember ISU Math 265H S'02 - 2073 005, room 174, Carver Hall - Dr. Elgin Johnston.

And now, for memorious reflection (yes I like to create my own words), some pictures from this historic class:
(Be smart, if you see a picture you like, click on it for a bigger image)

Speaking of the Strange Tool Named "Planimeter," here is a Java version of one. Have fun!

Reflections from Some of the Students

Carl Carlson - Ben, you have waaay too much friggin time on your hands!
Peter Malm - As much as I hated those little half sheets of homework problems I always seemed to lose and waking up at 7:45am daily and dragging myself to class, still half asleep. Heck, I think I'm never going to forget that day when I stumbled into class like a zombie after staying up all night writing chem labs and then finding out I inadvertently ditched two days of class....

I've got to admit though, that 265H has been the best class I've taken in a long time. It was entertaining and I actually learned a lot. A great teacher, and a very funny group of students, in my opinion, a great combination. Its a shame this class wasn't scheduled a little later in the day. I might of actually gotten to know some of you guys if I didn't need to focus all my will power on not falling a sleep.

Have a good summer. Now I've got to finish studying for my calc III final!


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