Carl Carlson!!!!!!

He's his own son!!!!!

Fun stuff Carl IMmed me:

Democracis: watch out for the gumballs
Democracis: they are comming after me!!!!

He also told me my website needed more pictures....... soooo

This is Carl.... Looking at his notebook

Carl at his best..... when he's not here :-)
I'm sorry. I really like Carl. This is just a lot of fun.
Oh, this is a 4/21/02 update..... I don't know why it's here
instead of at the bottom after the other update.......

This is Carl's Notes..... He took the picture....that's why it looks crappy.....


And this is Carl's eye.... because he took a flash picture in the middle of class, I took a flash picture of him.

4/4/02 Update!

Carl complained about my website, so here are a couple more pictures of him.....

Here's Carl trying to figure out a TI-92 Plus.... it's a little big for you, give it back to me.....

Why use PhotoShop, when you can take pictures of fine jokes! How much is Carl for sale for?