WWT Live's Staff

Meet WWT's 7 person staff!

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Wait a minute! 7 staff members, and only 3 people?!

How do we do it? Easy! What would you do if you had to play 7 people with 3 people? We just change our voices. Actually, usually on the program, the only voices are the 3 main people, Melanie, Sarah, and Justin. However, when we do have to play other people, we play multiple parts. I, obiously, have to take all the male parts, while Melissa and Amy switch off on Laura's parts. It does get confusing...especially when they don't know which one is going to say the part! Anyway, that's how we get 7 people out of 3!

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What does WWT Stand for?

Well, you know the 3 main people? We just took the first letter of each last name... melanie marie Withers, sara salomi Williams, and justin john Time. Withers, Williams, Time. W..W..T. . . WWT!

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