Sarah Salomi Williams


	Anchor Reporter

Best At:

	Dealing with wierd people on a story.

Main Problem:

	Getting into sticky situations (like getting arrested).

Name Troubles:

	Salomi!  Where'd she get a name like that!?  Well the best way to find out is to ask
   her, but I would completely discourage that idea.  Actually no one knows where she got it.
   If you ask her, she will say, "Well.  First it was my mom's name, then my grandma's, then
   my great grandma's, then my great-gr...etc." She gets faster as she goes down the line and
   you eventually have to stop her to tell her that you get the point.  Basically, it's been
   running down her family tree for generations and generations.  That's all I can tell you.


Sarah is played by Amy Tagg. She is full of energy and is ready to speed off with crewman Jerry Judas to the scene of a crime, accident, or anything worth reporting on. She, like Melanie, is excellent at coming up with spontaneous (and usually funny) responses whenever Melissa blows a line, or something happens (i.e.we are in the middle of a recording and someone comes into the room without knocking) out of the ordinary. Sarah, like Melanie and Justin, is a wonderful and creative writer.

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