Ryan Jump Brakie



Best At:

	Perfection.  Right before each show, he's all over the place making sure
   everything is in order.

Main Problem:


	He never fails to knock or trip over our precious fan once or twice a day!  We even
   have a sign up telling him to "BEWARE!" but it doesn't do much good.

Name Troubles

	No one knows where he got his middle name, but Ryan has earned a new middle
   name with his fellow staff:  Oops!  You see, he's always knocking over the fan, so we
   thought his middle name should be oops!


Ryan's voice is usually played be me however; sometimes when there's pandemonium (which comes plentifully in WWT), Amy says his part. I really don't think she does a fantastic job (no offense, Amy :-) , but she has sometimes surprised me! As for the character Ryan himself, he is a great guy with a big heart! So what if he's a clutz? All of us at the station love him!

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