What is a program?

Well, whenever we (Amy, Melissa, and I) get together, we pull out a collection of the latest stories, commercials, etc. that we have written, and put them into a "program!"


Since our very first recording was on Febuary 24, 1994, we decided to date the first issue: Monday, March 1st. To the date of this writing we have recorded 10 programs. Since we don't have a program on Saturdays or Sundays, the first five programs are March 1st-March 5th, and the 2nd week programs are March 8th-March 12th. All of the programs will be accessible from this page; just click on a date.

At the beginning of each program there is a list of the stories, commercials, etc. Just click on a story and you will be sent straight to it. However, I suggest you just read straight through the program. At the end of each program, there is a section caled "Guest Stars." If anyone - other than Amy, Melissa, or me - voices a character on WWT Live their names will appear in this seciton. Also, if you submit a story or commercial, your name will be here. After the Stars section, there is a "Review" section. This is where I will tell what went wrong when we recorded the issue. Sometimes, only little things go wrong...sometimes...they are major!

Just remember: Click on a date

1st Issue: March 1st

2nd Issue: March 2nd

3rd Issue: March 3rd

4th Issue: March 4th

5th Issue: March 5th

6th Issue: March 8th

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