Laura T. Aryan


	Music Director

Best At:

	Colorcoding her lipstick with her make-up.

Main Problem:

	PRIMPING!  She's forever missing her cues because she's always, and I repeat,
   ALWAYS IN THE BATHROOM!  Either doing her hair, deciding which color of lipstick she
   likes best, or just plain fixing herself up.

Name Troubles

	I'll bet you're wondering what the 'T' in Laura's name stands for.  Well, that's
   simple: Teri.  However, because she spends so much time in the bathroom(See "Main Problem:"),
   everyone teases her that it is Toilet.  It is kind of mean, but since everybody has a
   "Name Trouble," she laughs along with the rest of us.


Laura, as is mentioned above, is our music director and she does an excellent job (when she's not in the bathroom)! Laura and Justin are the only two people at the station who know how to operate the sound system. Also, she and two other people are the only ones who can play the piano.

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