Justin John Time



Best At:

	All the technicalities before, during, and after the show.

Main Problem:

	Completely blowing the stocks.  (He never has made it through once!)

Name Troubles

	Like Melanie Marie Withers, at the first glance of his name, you can't see any
   troubles with Justin's name.  But if you take out his middle name, you get a pun:
   Justin Time...Just in time.  He likes it, though.  He even came up with a different
   middle name for himself...Nikka...so his full name would be Justin Nikka Time (Just
   in the nick of time).


Justin John Time is played by me, Justin J. Time (Original Name, huh?). He is a host, along with Melanie Marie Withers. He has written most of the stories that involve something technical. He is also Laura's helper whenever she needs help with the music. In fact, he was the one who wrote the WWT Theme songs. Since Laura doesn't really exist, I usually do all the music in the WWT programs. I also voice the males interviewed by Sarah.

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