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Best At:


Main Problem:

	Giggling! (i.e., breaking into hysterical laughs when she's supposed to say her part.)

Name Troubles

	When you look at her name, Melanie doesn't seem to have any name troubles.  However,
   one day when she was making fun of Sarah Salomi Williams' middle name, she said,
   "I Like salami on my sandwich without any 'mayo," and someone came up with the idea of
   calling her "Marie Mayo."  So whenever we get mad at her, we just call her "Marie Mayo!"


Melanie Marie Withers is played by Melissa Marie Tagg. She shares the host position with Justin John Time. She is a wonderful writer who comes up with creative stories for every show. I don't know what we'd do without her. Melanie also voices the females who are interviewed by Sarah Williams, and does an excellent job at spontaneous "ad libs" when someting goes wrong.

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