3 Bored People

On February 24, 1995 Justin J. Time, Amy Tagg, and Melissa Tagg were bored. Now, Melissa is a writer. She has written all sorts of things. She came up with the idea that we all write some stories for a "program" We all wrote stories as well as commercials. Then, we all sat in a circle and read the stories out loud like a real radio station. It was fun, but short lived.

A New Idea

As we were reading, my father came downstairs and happened to see us. I have to say he was pretty impressed. However, we were never ready for the suggestion he gave us. "Why don't you guys record this on a tape as a real radio program?" he asked. We had never thought about it! Why not? We could record the program, keep the tape, and someday record other programs. Still, we never knew how much this would grow.

New Additions

The next day we decided to record another program. This time, though, we added two new features. One, a news pole. We were eating at McDonalds, when Melissa thought up an idea for a news pole.

"You know," she said, "we could make a news pole and have some of our relatives give answers to it. I've even got an idea; how about this - Do people think it's all right for children to play in play equipment in restaurants? Of course, we'd have to have some people say no. So what do you think?"

Our vote was unanimous. We all thought it was a great idea. Later it would be decided that every program have a different news pole. Sometimes we've slipped, but now almost every program has a pole.

The other new feature was songs. We recorded two songs in our second issue (one a rap) and one song in a later issue. Needless to say, the song idea didn't go over too well. That's why I have put written issues on this web site instead of audio :) .

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