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Max R. Monkey

Royal Seating Chairs


Ford Testing Facility

Weather Fix

LifeTouch Picture Studios

Queston and Answer Time

WWT Live 11-24-95 edition


Crewman: Here at WWT Live we bring you your hosts Melanie Withers and Justin Time. And folks, Justin Time is a name, not a phrase.

(WWT Theme song)

Justin: We bring you the right news at the right time.

Melanie: Hello, I hope you have a great listening day.

Max R. Monkey

Justin: And now for a smokin' story!

Melanie: Justin, you know, you're the worst at making jokes.

Justin: Oh, So you think you're the best joke teller, Tobacco-Breath!

Melanie: Tobacco-Breath! I don't even smoke! Nicotine-Nostrils!

Justin: Nicotine-Nostrils! Well...

Sarah: You guys, I'm waiting!

Melanie: Sorry, Sarah.

Justin: And now for A story.

Melanie: Thank you. Everybody knows who Max R. Monkey is, the most popular cartoon character for cigarettes.

Justin: So what's the point of this story? We have a hunch that Max R. Monkey is trying to persuade kids to smoke.

Melanie: Here's Sarah.

Sarah: I'm at the entrance of the tobacco company where Max R. cigarettes are made. We don't have an appointment, and we don't think they will let us tape them, so Jerry and I have a hidden tape recorder. Let's go, Jerry!


Sarah: May we speak with Mr. B. J. Watson.

Woman: He's in a meeting. You'll have to wait.

Sarah: How long will that be?

Woman: About 2 hours.

Sarah: Shoot, There goes that idea. Oh! Would it be okay if we spoke with the manager of the slogans and advertising?

Woman: She will be out of a meeting in... Oh! Here she is. Eliza this is...

Sarah: Sarah Williams, I'm a reporter from WWT-Live, and I'd like to interview you.

Eliza: (Business Type) That would be fine, but no cameras or pictures!

Sarah: All right.

Eliza: We can go in here.

Sarah: So who exactly is Max R. Monkey?

Eliza: He's a slick, cool monkey that is supposed to attract adults to smoke.

Sarah: Is it to attract just adults?

Eliza: Absolutely! Do you think we're trying to get kids to smoke!

Sarah: Then why have a cartoon to attract adults to smoke?

Eliza: I...I...I...Well I didn't think of it. I don't really know! I guess it just...happened.

Sarah: I've seen the slogans and advertisements that say to have your friends buy the cigarettes. Why is that?

Eliza: My assistant thought of that slogan, and when we voted, the count was unanimous. So we've used it and gotten a lot more success.

Sarah: Can you tell me how much more money you have received since you changed the slogan?

Eliza: It used to be about 1 million-a-month, but it's gone up to 3.9.

Sarah: Do you believe that more adults buy Max R. cigarettes than kids and teenagers?

Eliza: Of Course! I believe that, definitely. More, Only adults buy them.

Sarah: Thank you for your cooperation.

Eliza: You're welcome.

Sarah: We still have an hour before we can speak with B. J. Watson.

Jerry: Sarah, I can't believe how much more money they've made!

Sarah: I know! And did you hear her when she couldn't answer us?

Jerry: Sure made her look bad!

Sarah: Jerry! Don't talk so loud!

Jerry: Sorry!

Sarah: What do you think he looks like?

Jerry: Chubby, smelly, glasses, bald, and big!

Sarah: I guess that really wasn't my description.

Jerry: Let's go see how much longer it's going to be.

Sarah: alright. . . Do you know how much longer B. J. Watson will be?

Woman: Oh, here he comes.

Sarah: That's him? He looks exactly like what you said!

Woman: Mr. Watson, this reporter would like to interview you.

Watson: The meeting got over early, and I don't have an appointment for half-an-hour so I can, wait. Let's go into my office.

Sarah: So how long have you been in this business?

Watson: Oh, about. . .

Police: (kick open door) This is a holdup!

Watson: What?!

P. Woman:We have a warrant for your arrest Mr. Watson, for selling cigarettes to Junior + High school teenagers

P. Man: And who are you?

Sarah and Jerry: We're from...

P.Woman: (interrupt) just take 'em with us!

Sarah: Wait!


P. Man: Here, take 'em! We gotta talk to these two.

P.Woman: Who are you?

Sarah and Jerry: We're from WWT Live and...

P. Man: Y...You're Sarah Williams! And you're! Uh...a...a...

Jerry: (Flatly) Jerry.

P. Man: Oh, ya! Ju...Just tell everyone that I am the best policeman!

P.Woman: Hey! What about me?

P. Man: Well, they want guys to do this kind of thing.

P.Woman: Yeah, right!


Sarah: Jerry, let's get out of here!


Sarah: Glad we're done with that. By the way, did you get that all taped?

Jerry: Yeah, it's still going.

Sarah: Jerry turn it off!

Jerry: No!

Sarah: Oh, Well, back to you, Melanie and Justin.

Melanie: Thank's Sarah.

Justin: We have a news pole for you.

Melanie: Call us and tell us why you think people start to smoke.

Justin: Make sure you call us before tomorrow.

Melanie: We'll record you, pick some, and have the recorded voices played for the show.

Justin: Our number is 1-800-WWT-Live!

Melanie: And now for a commercial.

Royal Seating Chairs

Justin: How would you like to own a new chair?

Melanie: Have a seat...and listen!

Man: Honey, I think we need some new chairs! These other ones...(Crash!)

Woman: You're right! That's the 58th chair you've busted this week!

Man: But where are we going to get our chairs.

Woman: Oh, No! That's a real good question!

Sales: Have no fear! R.C. is here!

M&W: R.C. Cola!!!!????

Sales: No, Silly, R.C., as in Royal Chairs Corporation! We make the best chairs in the business! Other chairs crack and break

Crash! Crash! Crash!

Sarah: but R.C. chairs are the sturdiest there are! You can jump on 'em, throw 'em out the window, or even let your dog chew on 'em, and they'll still stay like Royalty! So buy Royal Chairs! Call 1-800-RC-Chair This is what you're needing!!!

Man: Com on! Let's call 1-800-RC-Chair!!!!

Woman: I've already got the phone dialing!!!!


Sarah: Now for some news events. Next Saturday evening is National Get-Out Night. People are encouraged to turn on their porch lights and get out and do things in their neighborhood.

Justin: Now for stocks. Corn is up 2%. Beans and Soybeans have both moved to 38 points. Gold is up 6 pts. The Dow Jones made a surprising fall of 8.2 points. Time to buy!

Melanie: in sports there has been a terrible accident. Pennsylvania was playing Michigan when their main quarterback's helmet's face guard came loose as he emerged from a tackle. As he ran towards the goal post, the guard came off, and tripped him, causing him to slam head-first into the goalpost.

Ford Testing

Melanie: Well, we'd like to give you an "inside" look at the Ford Testing facility that we know you people are interested in.

Justin: How do we know you are into car testing? Well we got 10 phone calls and 16 letters asking about it. We were kind of surprised at so many questions, but we decided to answer them.

Melanie: Sarah Williams is in Boise Idaho at Ford Testing center V. Sarah...

Sarah: Thanks guys. Well in addition to those 26 people who asked, you can add me because ever since I was 3, I wanted to know how they tested cars! Today I'll be talking to the owner and manager of this testing facility. I'll also be talking to a Mr. Jonahtan Kirks who is in charge of the big test run where they crash the car with a crash-dummy inside it! But first, here's Manager Joy Crumpel. joy, could you tell us a little bit about this facility?

Joy: Sure! We are a testing facility...one out of 47 in the world that tests different features of the car like brakes, air bags, traction, etc. As you can tell by the size of the building we test for a great many things. Today, you'll get to see two of our favorite tests!

Sarah: You mean the crash tests?

Joy: Yep! Jon'll tell you more about them when you get there!

Sarah: Okay, come on, Jerry! Let's not waste any time.

(short music)

Jonathan: Hi! You must be here to see the test! Come on! We are going to see two crash tests. The first is a 30 MPR test, and we've got this great bridge seat above the track. Here we go!

(car sequence#1:Car start, car passes bridge, car's tires skid, car crashes)

Sarah: Cool!

Jonathan: We play it out like a real traffic accident with passing cars and stuff. Just wait until you see the 65 MPH crash!


Jonathan: Here we are!

Sarah: Why is this all so enclosed?

Jonathan: You'll see!

(car sequence#2:Car start, car passes, car's tires skid, car crashes, car explodes, water sprays the car)

Sarah: Whoa! Awesome! That was cool! Thanks a lot! Well, wasn't that something, Melanie and Justin? Back to you!

Melanie: Thanks, Sarah!

Justin: Yeah, cool explosion Mr. Kirks!

Weather Fix

Justin: Instead of bringing you the weather, we'd like to tell you about an error we have found in our equipment.

Melanie: We have just received word that our weather dish has been re-called.

Sarah: Apparently the frequency from which it received the satellite transmissions is that of the frequency that the new digital television systems use.

Justin: We were wondering when our predictions changed from 80 degrees to 20 degrees and snow in just one day!

Melanie: Unfortunately, while our dish is being fixed, we won't have weather for 2 weeks! Sorry!

Sarah: I don't think I'm sorry! I hated writing the weather which they always gave me!

All: Sarah!

Justin: And folks listen to 106.8 to see if Bob discontinues his weather!

LifeTouch Picture Studios!

Anncr1: Are you sick and tired of those crummy pictures you get when you get your picture taken?

Anncr2: Are you upset about your pictures looking like mug shots?

Anncr3: Well worry no more because now there's:

All: (sing) LifeTouch Picture Studios!

Anncr1: Just . . .

Anncr2: . . . listen . . .

Anncr3: . . . to . . .

Anncr1: . . . some . . .

Anncr2: . . . great . . .

Anncr3: . . . comments . . .

Person1: I love LifeTouch's pictures! I don't look like a geek anymore!

Person2: When I used to get my pictures, I used to day: Eew! Eew! Eew! Now I say: Cool! Cool! Cool!

Person3: LifeTouch's pictures are the best. They're cheap too!

Anncr1: These people are right! LifeTouch's pictures are the best!

Anncr3: And they're cheap too! You can get your picture taken for free! (whisper) But the prints cost 5 dollars apiece.

Anncr2: Just call 1-800-LF-Touch! That's 1-800-LF-Touch! Just remember:

All: (sing) LifeTouch Picture Studios!

Question and Answer Time

Justin: And now we have a new section called Question and Answer Time.

Melanie: This is a time when we will answer any questions you have about WWT. Today we will take 1 caller on live radio, but after today, please send your questions to us.

Justin: When you write to us, we will send you a letter with an answer back. Only serious questions about WWT will be answered and are the only ones eligible for live reading.

Melanie: Now, just call in 1-800-WWT-Live!


Justin: Hello! Your live on WWT Live with Justin Time and Melanie Withers.

Caller: Hi! This is Toni, and I wanted to know what all of your full names are.

Melanie: That is a really good question. Well, I'm Melanie Marie Withers and I'm one of WWT's Hosts.

Justin: I Justin John Time and I'm the other host.

Sarah: Well, I'm the reporter for WWT and I'm Sarah Salomi Williams. If you want to know where my middle name came from I'll tell you. It was my mom's name, then my grandma's. . .

Justin: Sarah! I think she gets the idea. Well, our directors name is Ryan Jump Brake.

Melanie: I'll be nice and introduce our music director as Laura Teri Aryan.

Justin: Bob Camera Stramner is one of our 2 crewmen . . .

Melanie: . . . and Jerry John Judas is our other crewman.

Sarah: Well, that's all the time we have for today. Thanks for the great question Teri.

Melanie: I hope you all had a great day today!

Justin: Thanks for listening to WWT Live. Good Bye, Good Night, and we'll see you tomorrow with a special music issue from:

All: WWT-Live!

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