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Amohalko City Bombing

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WWT Live August 12, 1995 edition


Crewman: Here at WWT Live we bring you your hosts Melanie Withers and Justin Time. And folks, Justin Time is a name, not a phrase.

(WWT Theme song)

Justin: We bring you the right news at the right time.

Melanie: Hello, I hope you have a great listening day.

Justin: Now for a mysterious story.

Melanie: Sarah Williams is in Backsterville at Williams Library where the entire building has been ransacked.

Justin: Sarah?

Sarah: Thanks! Of all the places to be ransacked it was here in a small town and a small library. Just standing in here you can see books everywhere! I'm going to talk to the librarian! Ma'am?

Librarian: Yes (sobbing)

Sarah: Why do you think your library was ransacked?

Librarian: (crying) (Sneeze) Excuse me, I don't know?

Sarah: Well, thanks. Now I'm going to talk to the custodian of the library. Sir?

Custodian: Yes?

Sarah: Did you see anything strange the night the building was ransacked?

Custodian: I thought that I kept hearing noises when I was cleaning!

Sarah: Like what?

Custodian: Well, I've never heard a lock being picked before, but I though that's what I heard. I'd never heard it before, so I wasn't sure.

Sarah: Thanks a lot! now I'm going to talk to the main owner of this library. Sir, dir do have any idea who might've done this?

Owner: Well, I have started an analysis of the situation. I have list of 20 suspects, but they into only 4 groups. All of them are in their mid-teens. I am planning on taking the list and my reasons to the police in an hour.

Sarah: Thanks a lot. If you would like to help the library "pick-up" call 667-3219 and ask for details. We will report as soon as the criminals are prosecuted. Bask to you, Melanie + Justin.

Partnership for a Drug-Free America II

Cathy: Hey Jim, I've been real depressed ever since my mom died. And I don't know how to handle it. What should I do?

Jim: Well...

Cindy: Hey dude I got something that'll make you feel cool. Here try this.

Jim: Don't Cathy. Those are drugs.

Cathy: But Jim, that's Cindy hayes. The most popular girl in school. She uses drugs.

Jim: Just because she does doesn't mean you should.

Cindy: What are you? A chicken? Baak Baak!

Cathy: What should I do?

Announcer: Cathy isn't the only person facing that question. She needs help, but drugs won't help her. Let's stop drugs with:


Misc. News

Justin: Now onto stocks. Gold went down 7% Silver went up 2%. Corn went down also 7%. Beans went up 21% and the Dow Jones dropped 4 pts.

Sarah: now onto sports. The 49ers beat the Bronco's by two points:47 to 45. And the Chicago Bulls defeat the Phoenix Suns 32 to 18.

Melanie: And now for some local news. Al Gore has now been sick for 3 days with a horrible case of pneumonia, as we reported awhile ago. Doctors doubt he will make it through the weekend, though they were surprised he made it through the night.

Amohalko City Bombing

Melanie: Today in Amohalko City a bomb was set to the city's biggest recreational center. 219 people were killed and 82 are still missing. This sounds like the normal horrible terrorist act, but this time it's different.

Justin: This time the guilty man was at the scene of the crime when the bomb went off. And when the police got there the man walked right up to them and said, and I quote, "Howdy! Wasn't that somethin'!" Evidently the man is an escaped lunatic from the Amohalko Senior Asylum.

Melanie: We'll turn to Sarah, who is at the scene of the crime, ready to give us the full scoop.

Sarah: Thanks Melanie, Justin. You know it's not every day you actually get to talk to whoever committed the crime, but today the guilty party has actually agreed to give us a full account. Say hello to Mr. Hiram Waxley. Mr Wax...

Hiram: Uh. . . . Ha-Ha. . . . Hiram, if you please.

Sarah: Sure, yes, Hiram. Would you tell us a little about you and about your escape.

Hiram: O....Okie-Dokie. I-yi-yi am 59. No, 62. O. . . no. . . I-yi-yi am 71! No. . . no, 60. No. . . no. . . uh. . .

Sarah: Nev...Never Mind! Now we'll talk to the woman who used to be Mr. Waxl...I mean Hiram's nurse at the asylum. Mrs. Dreda Bloom. Ms. Bloom, what do you remember about your patient?

Bloom: He was weird. Yeah, he was. Sick as a . . . a, well anyway he was mental. He always talked about running away and doing something...big - as he said. I . . . . . . .

Sarah: I'm sorry Ms. Bloom, I must move on. Now Mr. Waxley's. . . uh I mean Hiram's Father . . . Jerome Waxley. Mr. Waxley, how do you fell about this happening?

Jerome: Well, I felt awful when Hiram was put in the asylum. But this? Killing about 200 people! My, Hiram. I'm ashamed beyond words!

Menards: Light Cover

A&M : Save big money at Menards!

Ben: Menards is the place to get high quality products for low prices! Get a new light cover for 2.57. Or a 5 ft. reel of speaker wire for only 3.43.

A&M : Save big money at Menards!

Lion King Pole

Justin: And now we have a new news pole sent in by Charles Bay of Orlando, Florida. He asks: What do think about Disney's THE LION KING?

Melanie: We've chosen some people for Sarah to ask about this topic. Personally, I loved the show and would be surprised if anyone put it down. But anyway, heeeeeeeeeeeeere's Sarah!

Sarah: Hello! I'm going around Orlando, Florida asking some people what they think about The Lion King. Here's a guy named Charles Bay...Hey Charles! Aren't you the one who sent in this pole?

Charles: Yes! Can I still give my opinion?

Sarah: Sure! Fire away!

Charles: Well, first of all I want to say, I've heard some people put down The Lion King. I have no idea what's wrong with them! It's a great movie! It has great music and animation! It's story board is even great! All I can say is that I loved it!

Sarah: Well, thanks. And thanks for the pole. Oh! Here's Mrs. Chris Pinks, Ma'am, What do you think of Disney's The Lion King?

Pinks: Well, I've never gotten really excited about any animated movie, but when I saw the Lion King I was very surprised that animation could have so much life! My son was even inspired by it! When he grows up he either wants to be an animator, or an animal researcher like Joy Anderson.

Sarah: Thanks a lot! Give my encouragement to your son! Here we go, this is Jim Pofhent. Sir, what to you think about the Lion King?

Pofhent: Well the way I got interested in it was, well, you know, I always liked music, I mean I still do, but I heard The Lion King had great music, so I thought I'd go to see it. Boy I loved it! It had great music and everything. The one thing was, though, I really got inspired into Lions. I really think they're quite interesting. I've been doing a lot of research on them lately!

Sarah: Wow! Thanks for your story! Now we're going to talk to Mrs June Williams...Hey! June, you're my aunt!!!! I'm so surprised to see yo..um I mean, what do you think about Disney's The Lion King?

June: Well, I don't see what all the fuss is all about. It's very hard for me to understand what people find good and interesting about a movie that promotes the occult world, has a witch doctor dedicate a lion cub to the spirit world, promotes evolution, and has animals bowing down to worship another animal. We should be alerting people to these issues instead of promoting them! (Footsteps going away)

Sarah: But!!! Aunt June! Oh well, I guess that's is for the Lion King. I guess 3 to 1 isn't so bad. There can't be too many people like her, can there? (Pause) Back to you Melanie and Justin.

Justin: Don't feel too bad, Sarah. There's one in every family, TWO in mine!

Melanie: Remember, if you have your own idea for a pole, just let us know. Our phone # is 1-800-WWT-Live!


Justin: Now we'll have the weather forecast for Friday, March 5th.

Melanie: We'll have lows in the teens and highs in the low 20's. Towards evening we're expecting about a 60% chance of snow. Now, Justin has our extended weather.

Justin: We should have some snow through the whole weekend with temps. in the teens-mid 20s. Next week is a cold one. Temps below zero and plenty of snow.

Cheetah! Services Incorporated

Ben: If you want the fastest, cheapest, most reliable, friendliest, and easiest repair on your computer call Cheetah! Services Inc.

Melissa: If you want to upgrade your computer or get new parts installed free just call 1-800-CHEETAH.

Amy: If you have any questions as to how to work your computer, or need some information on a certain part, just call!

(Very Fast and Quiet)

Melissa: Cost is $5 per job plus parts and...

Amy: ...5% of all parts for labor


Ben: So if you want the friendliest and the cheapest services on earth! call 1-800-CHEETAH!


Melanie: As you probably know, just a couple hours ago, a tragic event happened here.

Justin: A tornado went raging through the city at about 150 miles/hour, and believe me, nobody went over the rainbow.

Melanie: Now we'll turn to Sarah. . .


Sarah: (Frantic) Melanie! Justin! What happened there?

Melanie & Justin: RYAN!!!!

Sarah: Not again!

Ryan: Sorry!

Crewman: Please excuse us for a minute as we take care of this technical difficulty.


Crewman: Now we'll return.

Justin: Sorry about that little . . . accident. Ryan always has a little trouble with the fan.

Ryan: I didn't mean to! I, really. . .

Justin: Ryan, just please. . .

Melanie and Justin: STAY AWAY FROM THE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melanie: Now, we'll try this again: Now, we'll turn to Sarah Williams who is walking the streets, ready to give us an insight on the damage. Sarah . . . . .


Sarah: Thanks Melanie and Justin. Right now I'm on Valley Street, and on this one street alone, hundred, if not thousands, of dollars damage has been done. Stores were ruined, buildings torn apart, and houses blown down. As you can probably tell, it is still windy here and is likely to storm soon. It was reported that 128 people were killed - 63 of those being kids. 194 people were injured - 121 of those in critical condition.

Melanie: The wind sounds pretty cold out there, Sarah.

Justin: I bet it's sure cold out there.

Sarah: It is cold our here and yes, very windy. I feel bad for the many people who lost their homes and are out here in the cold!


Sarah: It's really. . .

Jerry: (interrupt) Sarah! Look over in the sky!

Sarah: Why, Jerry?!

Jerry: Just look!

Sarah: Okay. Ahhhhh!!! Jerry, get the camera! Let's get out of here! A twister's a comin'!

(Static, mild pandemonium)

Melanie & Justin: (ad lib) Sarah, Jerry! Are you okay? What's going on. Can you hear us. . .

Crewman: We'll report after this brief commercial.

Menards: Wall Mirror

A&M: Save big money at Menards!

Ben: Menards is the place to get high quality products for low prices! Get a new wall mirror for 400 dollars. Or a Bathroom 1x1 tile for 7.98.

A&M: Save big money at Menards!


Melanie: We are pleased to report that Sarah, Jerry, and all of our WWT equipment has arrived at the station safely.

WWT Live Offer (Not WWT Commercial)

Melanie: For 2.50 a piece you can own a cassette tape of one of our issues.

Justin: Laura Aryan and Bob Stramner have worked hard to professionally record our different issues on high quality tape.

Sarah: Call or write to us. Our phone number is 1-800-WWT-Live. Write to us at WWT-Live; 2126 Radio Station Avenue; Stationville, IA 50621

Jerry: Please include your full name, address, home and work phone number and money in cash or personal check.

Justin: Thank you again for listing to WWT-Live!

Melanie: Now we have a word from Menards.


A&M: Save big money at Menards!

Ben: Menards is the place to get high quality products for low prices! Hey! I'm tired of reading these stupid lines...just come over to Menards where you find great prices every day!

A&M: Save big money at Menards!

Rainbow Retirement Center

Timmy: Yo! Timmy D. here! I'm 75 and still goin'! Are you tired of all those people that treat you like an old frail person? Well, here at Rainbow Retirement Center we believe nobody is old. Here you can do all the things you used to do when you were 20, but were too afraid to do now because you think you're "over the hill." But here, nobody's over the hill, just over the rainbow! Listen to some comments.

Person 1: I'm 86 and runnin' wild. I love life! I swim and fish constantly! Life is full of wonder. They always say when you're in your teens it's the best years of you lives, but I don't believe that. No, no, no! Now is!

Person 2: I love ridin'. I always have. And now I ride tons. My horse is named Pistol - after me. I'm a dead shot. I feel like I'm in a John Wayne movie. Well, I'll be seein' 'ya. Gotta go! Yeeehaw!

Person 3: Life is a magnificent thing! Especially at this age. I swim all the time here. I used to be an Olympic champion swimmer! And now I feel just like I used to!

Timmy: So, yo! Come here and have fun. Cause as we always say:

All: We feel young again!

Timmy: Call: 1-800-FUN-LIFE And come to Rainbow Retirement Center

Funny Duo

Melanie: Now Sarah has a chance to listen in on a wonderful comedy duo.

Justin: The "Funny"-Duo is a new comedy group that just hit the road. Here's Sarah...

Sarah: Thanks. Today we get a great chance to listen in on the Funny-Duo. They really started a year ago in their hometown Clarksville. Just last week that started a U.S.A. tour, and now we get to listen in on their "best" act. On of them poses as Sergeant Joe Friday, while the other is the manager of a Bell company...Here they are:

Joe: This is the city, Los Angeles, California. Some people rob for fun. Others rob because it's there. You never know. I was working the day watch when I got a call from the Acme School Bell Company. There'd been a robbery.

Manager: There's been a robbery.

Joe: Yes sir, what was it?

Manager: My Clappers.

Joe: Your clappers?

Manager: Yeah, you know those things inside the bells that make them clang?

Joe: The clangers.

Manager: That's right we call them clappers in the business.

Joe: A Clapper Caper.

Manager: What's that?

Joe: Nothing sir. Now can I have the facts? What kind of clappers were stolen on this caper?

Manager: They were copper clappers.

Joe: And where were they kept?

Manager: In the closet.

Joe: Hmmm. Do you have any ideas who might've taken your copper clappers kept in the closet?

Manager: Well, just one. I fired a man, he swore he'd get even.

Joe: What was his name?

Manager: Claud Cooper.

Joe: You think that...

Manager: That's right. I think that Claud Cooper coped my copper clappers kept in the closet.

Joe: Do you know where this Claud Cooper is from?

Manager: Yeah, Cleveland.

Joe: That figures. Uh, huh. That figures.

Manager: What makes it worse was that they were clean.

Joe: Clean copper clappers.

Manager: That's right.

Joe: Why do you think that Cleveland's Claud Cooper would cop your clean copper clappers kept in the closet?

Manager: Only one reason...

Joe: What's that?

Manager: He's a clepto-maniac.

Joe: Who first discovered the clean copper clappers were copped?

Manager: My cleaning woman . . . Clara Clifford.

Joe: That figures. Now let me see if I've got this right. Cleaning woman Clara Clifford discovered your clean copper clappers were copped by Claud Cooper, the clepto-maniac from Cleveland.


Manager: One more thing...

Joe: What's that?

Manager: If I ever catch clepto-maniac Claud Cooper from Cleveland who copped my clean copper clappers kept in the closet...

Joe: Yes?

Manager: I'll clobber him!

(Applause and Laughter)

Sarah: The Funny-Duo has several different cassettes, cd's videos, books, etc. for sale. Write to: The Funny Duo, 2196 Laugh-a-Lot Boulevard, Clarksville, IA 50327. Back to you Melanie and Justin.

Marriage Money Makers

Woman: I've been waiting for this day my whole life. Getting married was my only dream.

Man: The day she said yes, made me the happiest man on earth. And MMM helped us have the perfect wedding.

MMM: Here at Marriage Money Makers we help you have the best wedding possible, and it's all free! All you have to do is pay 250 dollars each month for the 1st year or the marriage. Listen to the comments of some of our victims . . . I mean, well, us, just listen.

Woman: They gave me a beautiful black and grey dress.

Man: The black shorts and black tank-top matched perfectly.

Woman: The church was so pretty with dead flowers and black ribbons.

Man: The stale cake and salty punch was great!

MMM: So you see, this great offer is more than generous. For a beautiful wedding just call 1-800-MMM-FREE. Marriage and Money is what we're about.


Justin: Thanks for listening to:

All: WWT-LIVE!!!!!

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