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WWT Live April 8, 1995 edition


Crewman: Here at WWT Live we bring you your hosts Melanie Withers and Justin Time. And folks, Justin Time is a name, not a phrase.

(WWT Theme song)

Justin: We bring you the right news at the right time.

Melanie: Hello, I hope you have a great listening day.

Staff Show

Melanie: Well, today is WWT's 4th day on air and we feel it's high time we introduce you to some of the people on out staff.

Justin: You'll get a look at us, Melanie, Sarah, and I, and the other staff members that are hidden behind the camera.

(WWT Music)

Melanie: First, Sarah Williams. (Sarah talking) Sarah is our anchorage reporter. Going from Monster Lake to a burnt drugstore, Sarah has covered tons of stories all around the U.S.

Justin: Now, Melanie. Melanie is one of our two hosts. (Melanie talking in background) From funny introductions to serious endings, Melanie is always fun to be around.

Melanie: Justin is a great partner. (Justin talking) He's always laughing and Justin Time is a great name for him.

Justin: Our main crewman, Bob Stramner(Bob talking) is great. His technical ability is a real benefit to out station.

Melanie: Jerry, the man in charge of tapes is a good helper in all ways. I don't know what we'd do without him.

Justin: Laura Aryan is a cool music director. After all what would a radio station be without music.

Melanie: And Ryan Brakie is the best. (Fan) A great director and a neat friend. If we didn't have him we wouldn't have a station... but we might have a fan.

Justin: Now this story wouldn't be complete without a look at a typical day in our main room...

(Lots of crew voices/questions/yelling/file system/etc.)

Justin: This evening we'll have a special issue called: "A Typical Day". That's just a couple minutes of our regular day.

Melanie: Now here's a word from Bobby's Pizza.

Bobby's Pizza(Music on Tagg's keyboard)

	Bobby's Pizza is so good,
	I love to go there everyday.
	Eat! Eat! Eat!
	Yum! Yum! Yum!
	Let's go eat it right away!

	Cheap prices!
	Yummy food!
	How much better can you get?
	I want Pizza, I want pop!
	Let's go to Bobby's right now.

Cheese and Pepperoni, Sausage and anchovies, Supreme and Combination!  

Repeat 1st two verses


Justin: Now for today's forecast, March 4, 1995.

Melanie: Highs in the low 30's and lows in the teens.

Justin: A slight chance of snow and 50% chance of rain.

Easy Pay

Justin: And now for a new commercial from the makers of No Money Up.

Amy: Are you sick and tired of all those high prices on the market these days?

Melissa: Are you overwrought at all of the billing procedures?

Ben: Well look at what we have in store for you: The New:


Amy: I wanted to buy a new 20 thousand dollar car. I called easy pay, and they said they'd sell it to me for $19,999.99. What a bargain!

Ben: They told me they'd take a whole bunch off of any item I wanted.

Melissa: And their phone-number is easy to remember too: 1-800-EASY-PAY. Just remember, THE NEW:


Misc. News

Melanie: Now for stocks. Gold and Silver are both at 40 pts. Corn is up 10%. And hogs are down 5%. Beans went up 13%. The Dow Jones dropped 2 points.

Sarah: Now for some local news events. The Cindy May drugstore, which we reported about yesterday was found to be burned by 3 14-year-olds after they had been thrown out the day before. Al Gore has been found to be sick with a horrible case of pneumonia. Doctors don't know how long he'll make it.

Justin: And as always, an update on sports. The Green Bay Packers defeat the Dolphins 66-41. And Iowa State wins Oklahoma 28 to 3.

Water Mail

Melanie: And now for a splashing, surprising story. Last year, before school, Jonathan Einmann of New Jersey put his name and address in a bottle and put the bottle in the Atlantic ocean.

Justin: Just last week, Juan Slyvonsi of Brittany France found this bottle while walking down the beach. Let's turn to Sarah Williams who is interviewing Jonathan and Juan. Sarah...

Sarah: Yes. I'm in New Jersey and going to talk to Jonathan Einmann. Jonathan, did you expect someone to find your bottle like Juan?

Jonathan: No. I was totally surprised when he found my bottle. Now we've become best friends. I just think it's great!

Sarah: Thanks. Uh, Mrs. Einmann, What do you think about this situation?

Misses: Well, I just think it's wonderful. Johnny and Juan are great friends.

Sarah: Well, Thank you. Now I'm radioing to Brittany, France. (Little static) Juan, I here you and Jonathan are great friends. Do you plan on visiting him soon?

Juan: (Accent) Yeah. Don't tell him. I'm flying over this summer. It's going to be a surprise.

Sarah: Okay I'll keep it a secret. Now I'm going to ask world-famous-oceanographer Mrs. Jessica Witkett how she feels about this... incident. Ma'am?

Jessica: Well, I guess it's nice. But I've still been studying the ocean for 35 years and an incident like this is virtually impossible. The odds are 45 million to one. It's just amazing!

Sarah: Wow! Well, Thanks. Back to you, Melanie and Justin.

Need Help?

Melanie: And now a new commercial from the NH group.

Woman: Have you ever had any problems you need to talk out with someone? Well, here at the NH foundation we will talk your problems over with you so that you can get all of the information you need. Just listen to a conversation in our main room:

Man: Judy, I need help my wife's a witch.

NH: Well, I don't think that's a problem. You see men sometimes think their wives are witches. They really just don't like them.

Man: The worst part is I love her.

NH: They even hallucinate about things such as bat stews and broths.

Man: But she's still a witch.

NH: Did you know that over 75% of all men believe their wives can fly?

Man: I mean she's not bad or anything, it's just that I'm married to her.

NH: That proves that most of those men, must think their wives are witches.

Man: Sure she's nice and sweet, but she's a witch.

NH: So then, lets say that witches do exist.

Man: Of course I have to remember I'm married to her and it should make her suspicious if I had a divorce.

NH: Then maybe, oh, 25% of those men are really married to witches.

Man: But then again, maybe she's testing me.

NH: But now we have to remember that witches don't exist.

Man: Yeah! Maybe she's just putting me on! Wow! I never thought of it that way before!

Nh: So now. . .

Man: Oh, Judy, I have to go bye.

NH: Bye. Glad I could be of assistance.

Woman: Well, wasn't that great. You can assistance just like that. Just call 1-800-NHG-HELP. Operators are standing by.

Melanie: Well I hope you've had a good listening day today.

Justin: Goodbye from:

All: WWT LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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