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WWT Live April 7, 1995 edition


Crewman: Here at WWT Live we bring you your hosts Melanie Withers and Justin Time. And folks, Justin Time is a name, not a phrase.

(WWT Theme song)

Justin: We bring you the right news at the right time.

Melanie: Hello, I hope you have a great listening day.

Superman's Identity Revealed

Melanie: It's no secret anymore who the real Superman is. But we're going to give you a chance to hear what some of his friends and his enemies have to say about it.

Justin: Let's turn to Sarah Williams, who is in Metropolis, Superman's hometown. She's there to question some people. Sarah...

(Phones ringing)

Sarah: Well, Melanie and Justin, I'm in the lobby of the Daily Planet, Metropolis' newspaper building. I'm going to talk to Lois Lane, Superman's so called girlfriend and alias Clark Kent's partner journalist. Oh, excuse me...

Lois Lane: Yes?

Sarah: I'd like to talk to you about the case of your partner Clark...

Lois Lane: Oh yes Clark. I just can't believe that mild, meek little Clark is really (becoming dreamy) handsome, brave, strong... ohhh

Sarah: Uh, Lois are you there?

Lois: Courageous, great...

Sarah: Lois?

Lois Lane: Awesome, Terrific!

Sarah: (Yelling) LOIS!

Lois Lane: Oh, oh yes. Can I help you?

Sarah: Oh, oh never mind. Now I'll talk to Lex Luther, Superman's arch enemy. Mr. Luther...

Lex: (Sound Cool) Yes?

Sarah: How do you feel about Superman alias Clark Kent?

Lex: Well, I still hate him, but I think it's great that everybody know about him. He'll never be able to overpower me again!

Sarah: Well, thank you for telling us your opinion. And now I'll talk to the couple that found out about Superman. Mr. And Mrs. Clay O'Brien, could you two share your opinions?

Mrs. C.: Well, I found Superman's outfit in Clark's closet when I was visiting Mrs. Kent. It's just think it's great.

Mr. C.: Now the misses and I shall be millionaires, no billionaires!

Sarah: Well, thanks. Now back to Melanie and Justin, and until then, Up, Up, Up and away!

Pepsi Air

Ben: Are you tired of all those plain soda pops? Well we've got a solution. . .

Amy&M. Da da da da———

All or Justin: New. . . Pepsi Air!

Amy: Just look at that nutrition information. . . No fat!

Melissa: No sodium, No carbohydrates.

Ben: From the makers of:

Melissa: Space Light,

Amy: and Blank 'o meal!

Ben: So, if you want to try something new, just look for. . .

Amy&M. Da da da da———

All: Pepsi Air!


Melanie: Now for some local and national sports events. Johnny John signs on to the Chicago Bulls. In the Michigan vs. Penn. state, Michigan lost 38 to 42. Penn State now goes on to the finals with Oklahoma.

Justin: Now to the stock market. Gold dropped 34. Silver jumped down another 104 per ounce. Corn is down 10% and hogs went up 2%. The Dow Jones stays at 70% While Beans are still dropping 15%.

Sarah: Now, some News events. Police have apprehended the 3 drug dealers. Last night sergeant Bill Gunn traced the dealers all the way to Arizona. Bill Clinton is trying to pass a new law that banns all firearms or weapons within school grounds. He says that schools are becoming as dangerous as the streets.

Easy Pay

Justin: And now for a new commercial from the makers of No Money Up.

Amy: Are you sick and tired of all those high prices on the market these days?

Melissa: Are you overwrought at all of the crummy billing procedures?

Ben: Well look at what we have in store for you: The New:


Amy: I wanted to buy a new 20 thousand dollar car. I called easy pay, and they said they'd sell it to me for $19,999.99. What a bargain!

Ben: They told me they'd take a whole bunch off of any item I wanted.

Melissa: And their phone-number is easy to remember too: 1-800-EASY-PAY. Just remember, THE NEW:


Menu Pole

Melanie: And now, Sarah has a new news pole sent in by Jeremy Judith of Zumonju, Kansas.

Justin: He asks: Do you think that children under 10 years should be able to order from the adult menu? Here's some of their answers.

Sarah: I'm going to ask Mrs. Patti Kuster what she thinks. Patty, do you think that children under 10 years should be able to order from the whole menu?

Melissa: Why, of course not. My little girl, Stephanie is going to be over 300 pounds if I let her do that. I think it's fine that they just have a children's menu. Let the children have a children's menu, and the adults have an adult menu.

Sarah: Okay thank you. Now I'm going to go to the ask the principal of Pinerich Elementary what he thinks. Sir?

Man: Oh, but of course, I mean they have rights too why shouldn't they be able to order. I'll say yes.

Sarah: Thank you very much. Now I'll go to the zoo and ask Mr. Jerchaw. Sir, do you think that children under 10 years should be able to order from the whole menu?

Jerchaw: Well, OK yeah, Whatever.

Sarah: Thank you so much for your input. Now I'll go to the beach and ask Mrs. Kimbang. Ma'am?

Kimbang: Why, of course not. Let the children be the children and let the children have a children's menu. What is this world coming to, where we think children are grown up enough to have a grown up menu?. Let the children be the children, and let the grown ups be the grown ups and have a grown up menu. Thank you.

Sarah: Okay! Now I'll ask Mr. George Fultz. Sir?

Ben: Oh yes yes yes of course I mean they should be able to I mean when I was a kid I just loved omelets and skillets and fruit pies. I mean I just love that I think they should have the same things my kids just love that kind of stuff I mean they go for eggs and I mean I still love it so I'll say yes, yeah, of course.

Sarah: Well thank you very much. Back to you Melanie, Justin.

Melanie: Thank you very much Sarah. Remember, if you have your own idea for a pole, just call us.

Justin: Our number is: 1-800-WWT-Live

Need Help?

Melanie: And now a new commercial from the NH group.

Woman: Have you ever had any problems you need to talk out with someone? Well, here at the NH foundation we will talk your problems over with you so that you can get all of the information you need. Just listen to a conversation in our main room:

Man: Judy, I need help my wife's a witch.

NH: Well, I don't think that's a problem. You see men sometimes think their wives are witches. They really just don't like them.

Man: The worst part is I love her.

NH: They even hallucinate about things such as bat stews and broths.

Man: But she's still a witch.

NH: Did you know that over 75% of all men believe their wives can fly?

Man: I mean she's not bad or anything, it's just that I'm married to her.

NH: That proves that most of those men, must think their wives are witches.

Man: Sure she's nice and sweet, but she's a witch.

NH: So then, lets say that witches do exist.

Man: Of course I have to remember I'm married to her and it should make her suspicious if I had a divorce.

NH: Then maybe, oh, 25% of those men are really married to witches.

Man: But then again, maybe she's testing me.

NH: But now we have to remember that witches don't exist.

Man: Yeah! Maybe she's just putting me on! Wow! I never thought of it that way before!

Nh: So now. . .

Man: Oh, Judy, I have to go bye.

NH: Bye. Glad I could be of assistance.

Woman: Well, wasn't that great. You can assistance just like that. Just call 1-800-NHG-HELP. Operators are standing by.



Justin: And now for a hot story. Sarah is on the side of June street, but in the middle of utter chaos.

Melanie: The Cindy may drugstore is going up in flames. Sarah...

(Lots of voices, crashing, fires)

Sarah: Yes?

Crewman: (Whispering) psst! Sarah, you're on!

Sarah: Oh! Hello. I'm here at the corner of June and Court street. And as you can tell, in the middle of utter chaos. As the Cindy May Drugstore is going up in flames, people are shouting and doing everything they can to help out. Let's see if we can find someone to talk to. Oh, there's a fireman, Sir could I talk to you for a second?

Fireman: Sure but please try to hurry.

Sarah: I'm a reporter for WWT and I was wondering, do you have any idea how this fire started?

Fireman: Well, I know it was not an accident, it was deliberate.

Sarah: How do you know that?

Fireman: Well, we found the remains of a lighter, and a empty can that was once filled with gasoline behind the bushes. We also found a broken window in the bottom floor... that is, before it burned up.

Sarah: Would you have a gue...

Fireman: Oh, sorry, I have to run to help with the fire. Bye.

Sarah: But,... Oh well... Oh! I see Cindy May over there now. Cindy?

Cindy: (Sobbing) Y...Yes?

Sarah: I was just talking to a fireman. He thinks that someone deliberately burned your drugstore down. Do you have any idea who that might be.

Cindy: (Still sniffling) No., well, wait a minute, Hey! (Suddenly getting angry) There is a group of four of five boys that have always been hanging around my store and causing trouble. I kicked them out once and they threatened to do something terrible someday. I'll bet it was them. If I ever get my hands on them again I'll...I'll...

Sarah: Uh...I have to be running along. See ya. Whoa! That was close.

Horn: (Muffled) Attention, attention! Everyone except the firemen, please stay 1 block away from the drugstore. Repeat, stay 1 block away.

Sarah: Well, I guess that's all for the drugstore. Back to you, Melanie and Justin.


Melanie: And now for a hot story that'll "hook" you.

Justin: Sarah Williams is in Los Angeles, CA. finding information on why thousands of kids were playing Hokey yesterday...

Melanie: With their parent's permission! Here's Sarah:

Sarah: Thanks. Yesterday thousands of California kids skipped school with their parent's permission. I'll see if I can talk to someo...OH! There's a guy...Oh, Sir? Did your kid skip school yesterday?

Man: Nah...I kept him out.

Sarah: You kept him out?!

Man: Yah. For the last nine years we have been trying to tell out ideas to the staff. We decided it was time to take action!

Sarah: Uh, Okay... Do you plan to do this again any time?

Man: I'm gonna keep on doin' it until they listen to out apinuns.

Sarah: Well thanks, I guess. OK, there's someone. Ma'am did you keep your child home from school yesterday?

Woman: Yes. I'm sick and tired of all the poor quality teaching these days and I'm determined to tell how I feel. I'm going to keep my daughter out of school until they get better teaching quality.

Sarah: Well, now I'll go to talk to one of the kids that skipped school yesterday named Josh. Josh, do you know why you didn't go to school yesterday?

Josh: No. Mom just said that there was no school tod...yesterday. She seemed awfully upset. I just wish I knew the real reason.

Sarah: So you think your mother didn't want you in school yesterday?

Josh: Yes. Oh. I hafta leave. I'm gonna watch the lion king with Paul.

Sarah: Okay, Bye. Let's see what the principal has to say about this situation. Ma'am?

Principal: Personally, I have no idea why kids were staying out of school yesterday. It's just not right.

Sarah: I agree, but the people I talked to said they took their kids out of school. They thought... uh disagreed with the teaching process here.

Principal: Well, I don't know about the teaching part, but I guess we have been ignoring comments lately. I guess, well, maybe we could set up a time each month for a parent meeting. Hmm, Let's see... Oh! Here Perfect. The first Wednesday of each month. Will you tell people that if you see them?

Sarah: Don't worry. You just did. Back to you, Melanie and Justin.

Justin: And now for a new commercial from Blaire's Pet Shop.

Blaire's Pet Shop

(Start Dogs on Amazing Grace)

Ben: Think of all those animals sitting in pet shops waiting for a home...

Melissa: They want a home.

Amy: They need a home.

Ben: They need love. Give them a home.

Melissa: This week Pekinese dogs on sale for 22.54. This does include shots.

Amy: A special on Siamese cats $20.75

Ben: Have Amazing grace and show a precious animal your love.

(Pause) This was a paid advertisement sponsored by Blaire's Pet Shop.

Melanie: Well I hope you've had a good listening day today.

Justin: Goodbye from:

All: WWT LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On "Easy Pay," Amy forgot to say "dollars." So her line was: . . . for only nineteen thousand, nine hundred, ninety nine, and ninety nine cents! . . . Although this seems a small mistake it was actually big, because we reminded her about ten times (we broke the "live" rule again)!
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