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WWT Live 2-25-95 edition


Crewman: Here at WWT Live we bring you your hosts Melanie Withers and Justin Time. And folks, Justin Time is a name, not a phrase.

(WWT Theme song)

Justin: We bring you the right news at the right time.


Melanie: Hello, I hope you have a great listening day. And now an "educational" story! Sarah Williams is at Bayview pre- school where 23 4&5 year olds have just gotten done marching in the streets.

Justin: Yesterday at about 10:30 AM, people along the street heard the voices of over 20 twerps. . . Here's Sarah.

(Phone rings, talking, laughing. All in background)

Sarah: Well, I am at pre-school. And it's not because I flunked! Let's get some inside information on why bunches of kids were parading. I'll ask Miss Seyers, the secretary about it. Miss Seyers?

Seyers: Yes?

Sarah: Do you know why Mrs. Grinally's class of 4 & 5 year olds were in the streets yesterday?

Seyers: I believe it had something to do with Bibles. They think Bibles should be allowed in school.

Sarah: Do you agree?

Seyers: Yes, certainly!

Sarah: Well thank you.

Seyers: My pleasure!

Sarah: Now I'll go on to ask the principal about this matter. Sir. . .

Mr. Hays: Yes?

Sarah: How do you feel about yesterday's happening?

Mr. Hays: It was uncalled for. Mrs. Grinally was fired and all 23 of those kids expelled!

Sarah: You expelled pre-schoolers?!

Mr. Hays: Yes! Now please leave. I have work you know.

Sarah: Well, on we go. On. . . Oh! I see Mrs. Grinally now. Mrs. Grinally?

Mrs. G.: (Crying)Yes? Sarah: I suppose you're terribly disappointed.

Mrs. G.: (Sobbing) Yes. Those kids were wonderful. I don't care about myself, I just can't believe what happened to those kids.

Sarah: And the last person I'm going to talk to is Bobby, Bobby Will. Bobby?

Bobby: What?

Sarah: You were expelled yesterday right?

Bobby: Yes. That principal is mean. What we were doing was right!

Sarah: Yes, that's right Bobby.

Bobby: Well, I gotta go get home. Bye!

Sarah: Bye, Back to you, Melanie & Justin.

Tagg and Flessner State Bank

Amy: Tagg and Flessner State Bank, for you.

Ben: Tagg and Flessner State Bank is for you. There's always someone ready to financially help you. Open 24 hours a day and 6 days a week. Here's proof.

Melissa: I remember when I first moved here. I went to the bank to start an account. The accountant was friendly and really kind.

Ben: Just remember:

Amy: Tagg and Flessner State Bank, for you.


Justin: And now the forecast, for today, March 2, Tues., The highs are in the mid 70's, lows in the high sixties, for tonight, cloudy, with slight chances of rain. Temperatures at night hovering in the 60's and 70's.

Melanie: For our extended forecast: Wednesday, highs in the 80's, lows in the 70's, Thursday is cloudy with 70% chance ofThunder-storms. The weekend staying the same as Thursday, and for Monday, sunny temperatures in the 70's

Hey Let Me Tell Ya

Melanie: And now for a Christian rap song performed by Melissa Tagg, Amy Tagg, and Justin J. Time.

(Rap intro)

Hey let me tell ya, let me emphasize,
That it's never too smart, no it's never too wise, 
To think it doesn't matter if you're wrong or right.
Playing with the wrong is like dynamite!!
If God says Yes you better go today.
If God says No you better stay away.
God knows best better than we do.
If ya wanna be cool!!!!
Better follow God's cue.
Follow God's cue, He'll tell you what to do.
(Repeat and fade)

Cathedral Quartet

Justin: And now for you music lovers, we have a live report with a gospel quartet.

Melanie: Sarah Williams in Waterloo, IA reporting from a fantastic group. Sarah?

(Cathedral Quartet music in background)

Sarah: Thanks Justin & Melanie. I've been here at Cedar Valley Community Church listening to the Cathedral Quartet for 2 hours! They are just totally great! George Younce, Ernie Haase, Glen Payne, and Scot Fowler make up a wonderful quartet. Roger Bennett has to be the absolutely perfect accompanist for this excellent group. They have an absolutely enormous amount of CD's and cassettes. Write to: The Cathedrals; P.O. Box 1512; Stow, Ohio 44224 and ask for their latest information booklet. (Music gets louder) Oh. . . here they go again. I've got to go back and listen some more. Back to you Melanie & Melanie.

Melanie: Well, that sure sounded interesting. Justin: Yeah, I'll have to get some of those CD's.

Drug-Free America

Ben: What do you do when someone offers you drugs?

Melissa: (Little girl) I cry.

Amy: (Little girl) I say no.

Ben: (Little boy) I walk away.

Ben: These kids are right. But why does there have to be drugs anyway?

Melissa: There doesn't have to be drugs. We can get together and STOP drugs.

Amy: Let's work together in:



Justin: Now onto stocks. Soy Beans are down 5% and corn has gone up 75%. Hogs are still at 50%. The Dow Jones went up 40%.

Amy: Now onto Sports. James Jones signs on to the Denver Broncos. A 3-year deal worth $5.4 million dollars. In the Basketball Big 8 Missouri whips Oregon St. 74 to 2. And UMASS beats Arizona ST. 56 to 32

Melanie: For the latest news events, Iowa is at a very low unemployment rat, but that's better than most all Midwest states. Russia & U.S. are going on their first space shuttle "dock". to take place in June. Police are trying to capture 3 local drug dealers that are originally from Columbia, the world's largest crack grower. The men unidentified.

Playstation Pole

Justin: And now Sarah has a new news pole.

Melanie: Sarah Williams is going around the city of Chicago asking people if they think there should be playing equipment in restaurants.

Justin: Here's Sarah Williams on the story.

(Water sounds)

Sarah: I'm at the beach going around asking some people what they think. Ma'am, do you think there should be playing equipment in restaurants?

Jeane: Yes I do, because I think it's nicer for the parents.

Sarah: Thank you for your input. Here's someone. Sir do you think there should be playing equipment in restaurants?

Arnold: Why absolutely not! I think they're a menace to society. Why the other day I heard there was this other little girl in there. . . named Lucy. She got one of those little things, you know one of those little balls that they play and jump around in, she got one of those things stuck in her mouth. They had to take her into surgery, pull her two front teeth in order to get that ball out of there. No siree! I think it's a good idea we get rid of those things in restaurants so that we could just eat and get out of there.

Sarah: Thank you sir. Well, NOW I'm gonna ask a 2-year-old what she thinks.

Nicole: Um, I like it.

Sarah: You like it! Is it fun?

Nicole: Oh yes I like it.

Sarah: What's your favorite part?

Nicole: Um, Lide.

Sarah: The slide?

Nicole: Yeah.

Sarah: Well thank you very much! Okay. Now were going to go to the local attorney's office and ask him what he thinks. (Background talking and phones) Sir, do you think there should be playing equipment in restaurants?

Man: No! I rather do what we used to do. Eat and get outta there! Neah!!!!!!

Sarah: O--kay!. . . Ma'am do you think there should be playing equipment in restaurants?

Woman: Yes, yes, yes, of course! I love playing equipment, my kids eat all their food because you know what I say to them I say darlings, If you eat all your food then you can go play on the play equipment. So they eat all their food in 5 minutes and then they can go play and I can sit and relax.

Sarah: Thank you. Now for our last person at the zoo in the bird house.

Bird chirps

Nathanael: Yes because, yes because I don't have to deal with my children the whole time and all I have to do is relax.

Sarah: Thank you very much. And now back to you Melanie & Justin.

Melanie: If you have your own idea for a pole, call our hot-line.

Justin: Our phone number is: 1-800-WWT-LIVE

Oh You Can't Get to Heaven

Justin: And now for a special song from the same trio.

Oh you can't get to Heaven in bikini, 'cause God don't like that scenery.
Oh you can't heaven Heaven in an unstrapped gown 'cause when you go up it might go down.
Oh you can't get to Heaven in dirty jeans, 'cause God don't got no washin' machines.
Oh you can't get to Heaven in roller skates they'll roll right past those golden gates.
Oh you can't get to Heaven in Flessner's car, 'cause Flessner's car won't go that far.
Oh you can't get to Heaven in a rocking chair, 'cause a rocking chair won't go anywhere.
Oh you can't get to Heaven as Superman, 'cause my God is a Batman fan.

Justin: And now for a commercial.

Pepsi Air

Ben: Are you tired of all those plain soda pops? Well we've got a solution. . .

Amy&M.: Da da da da!!!

All or Justin: New. . . Pepsi Air!

Amy: Just look at that nutrition information. . . No fat!

Melissa: No sodium, No carbohydrates.

Ben: From the makers of:

Melissa: Space Light,

Amy: and Blank 'o meal!

Ben: So, if you want to try something new, just look for. . .

Amy&M. Da da da da!!!

All: Pepsi Air!


Melanie: Well I hope you've really enjoyed listening to WWT Live today.

Justin: Goodbye from:

All: WWT-Live!!!!!!!!

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