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Sea Monster

Smeltzer Construction


Purple Polka Dots

Pepsi Air



Tagg and Flessner State Bank


Guest "Stars"


WWT Live 2-24-95 edition


Crewman: Here at WWT Live we bring you your hosts Melanie Withers and Justin Time. And Folks, Justin Time is a name, not a phrase.

(WWT Theme song music)

Justin: We bring you the right news at the right time.

Melanie: Hello. I hope you have a good listening day.

Sea Monster

Melanie: And now we have a really, well, what you might say life-threatening interview.

Justin: We'll turn to Sarah Williams, interviewer and Anchorage reporter, who is out at Monster Lake at the scene of a feast.

Melanie: Justin, I wouldn't exactly call it a feast... Someone's life has just been taken away.

Justin: Well, yah! A guy was just eaten by a sea-monster. A three-hundred pound guy for that matter. I'd call it a feast.

Melanie: Oh, you goof! Now, here's Sarah Williams at Monster Lake.

(Water Sounds)

Sarah: Well, Melanie and Justin. I'm going to talk to two people - a guy named John Elton and a girl named Natalie Wyss. Their friend Greg Whatchsz just got eaten by a huge sea monster that has been seen just off shore. Now, Natalie, you were Greg's girlfriend, is that correct?

Natalie: (Sobbing) Yes! Greg and I were going to be married in two weeks.

Sarah: Were you there when this. . . this sad-happening occurred?

Natalie: No. . . No. I . . . . . (Wail)

Sarah: Well, now we'll turn to John . . . John Elton. John, I understand you were there when Greg was eaten.

John: Yes, Yes I was. I tried. . . I tried to save him. If wasn't fair. I should've been eaten too. I, I... (Helicopter Sounds)

Sarah: Oh, There are three helicopters circling in the sky. It looks like they're looking for the sea-monster.

(Shooting sounds)
They're shooting!
(John Scream)

Natalie: John!

Sarah: John has just been eaten! I think I'd better run for shelter. I'm turning the show back to you . . . Melanie & Justin.

Smeltzer Construction

If you've been thinking of adding on a porch, now's the time, say your friends at Smeltzer construction. There's nothing like a porch. It lets the air in, keeps the bugs out, and you can put a bed out there and have the best time of your life. So choose experience and reliability. Choose Smeltzer!

U.S. News

Melanie: Congress is now trying to pass a new "line order veto". This is where the president has to veto parts of the bill. But until this bill is passed, the president still has to veto the whole bill.

Justin: Now onto sports. Iowa State takes the lead in wrestling winning over both Nebraska & Penn. State last Sunday. Eric Johnson of Iowa State pinned Wally Mitch of Penn. state in only 5 seconds! Yesterday in the big 8 Oklahoma lost to Michigan 49 to 3. Michigan goes on to challenge Penn. state tomorrow.

Sarah: Now for the stock market. Gold dropped 30˘ & Silver dropped another 15˘ per ounce. The Dow Jones dropped 40 points. Corn has gone up 40% and hogs up 20%. Beans down 10%

Purple Polka Dots

Melanie: And now a "Delicious" Story.

Justin: We'll turn to Sarah Williams with a new story called "Purple Polka Dots!"

(Bird Sounds)

Sarah: I'm here at Winchester Zoo in the bird house, and I'm surrounded by birds. But the birds aren't the main attraction anymore. Everybody is staring at Grace Mitchell. Grace is different for she has, you'll never believe me, purple spots! Grace do you know what caused this occurrence?

Grace: Chocolate!

Sarah: Chocolate? Would you explain your answer?

Grace: Everybody always says that chocolate gives you purple spots. And I eat tons of chocolate.

Manager: I'm the manager. Grace has been wonderful. We get millions of tourists every day to see the polka-dot-tap- dancer.

Sarah: Polka-dot-tap-dancer?!

Manager: Haven't you heard? Grace has been tap-dancing. Grace, show the reporter your latest step.

Grace: Whatever you say boss!!

(Tap sounds, can be easily made by striking high heels against something solid)

Sarah: Well, that was. . . great! Back to the hosts. . . Melanie &Justin.

Pepsi Air

Ben: Are you tired of all those plain soda pops? Well we've got a solution. . .

Amy&M. Da da da da!!!

All or Justin: New. . . Pepsi Air!

Amy: Just look at that nutrition information. . . No fat!

Melissa: No sodium, No carbohydrates.

Ben: From the makers of:

Melissa: Space Light,

Amy: and Blank 'o meal!

Ben: So, if you want to try something new, just look for. . .

Amy&M. Da da da da!!!

All: Pepsi Air!

Weather Forecast

Melanie: Here's the forecast for today, March 1st. Highs in the low 70's and for tonight lows in the mid 60's

Justin: Our extended forecast now. For Tuesday, highs in the 60's. Wednesday, cloudy and chance of rain, highs in the 80's, lows in the mid 70's. On Thursday, the rain is gone and temperatures the same as Wednesday. The weekend is sunny and highs in the 70's, lows in the mid 60's.


Justin: Today in central Chicago the Farmer's State Bank has been robbed. Three guards murdered & $40 million stolen.

Melanie: Sarah Williams is at the scene of the crime ready to give us an insight of the robbery. Sarah?

Sarah: Yes, I'm here in Chicago at the scene of a major robbery. Every time I try to talk to somebody they get taken away. I'll try to get hold of one of the policemen. Oh, here comes one now. Sir. . . Sir. .

Cop: Yes, miss, did you want something?

Sarah: Yes, I'm a reporter and. . .

Cop: Oh no! Not one of those snoopy reporters!

(Footsteps getting softer)

Sarah: Okay?! There's a guard. I'll try to question her. Oh, ma'am. Could I talk to you for a second?

Guard: Yes?

Sarah: My name is Sarah Williams. I'm a reporter for WWT and. . .

(Single gun shot)

Guard: Yowwy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Faint)

Sarah: Police, police!! She's been shot!

Cop: I didn't know reporters shot people?!

Sarah: But I didn't I. . .

Cop: Miss, I'm afraid you'll have to come to the station for questioning.

Sarah: Well, okay. We'll keep you posted. Back to you, Melanie & Justin!

Melanie: Well, Justin, I hope Sarah doesn't get convicted.

Justin: And now a word from you local state bank.

Tagg and Flessner State Bank

Amy: Tagg and Flessner State Bank, for you.

Ben: Tagg and Flessner State Bank is for you. There's always someone ready to financially help you. Open 24 hours a day and 6 days a week. Here's proof.

Melissa: I remember when I first moved here. I went to the bank to start an account. The accountant was friendly and really kind.

Ben: Just remember:

Amy: Tagg and Flessner State Bank, for you.


Melanie: Well, I hope you've enjoyed listening to WWT today.

Justin: Good-bye from:

All: WWT live!

Stars of the show!

This issue's "star" was Arnold Flessner reading Smeltzer Construction.


This (obviously) was the first issue we ever made of WWT Live! We all sat downstairs in our family room and wrote stories. I had the idea to bring my keyboard down for music and sound effects. Since I have only a few effects you hear a lot of birds, waves, phones, and helicopters. We even talk today about how our first issues always took place at a beach, a bird house, or a busy office. There were no major mistakes in this story, except that, in recording, Melissa messed up the news 3 times (this was the first time that we broke the rule of "live") and Amy started laughing on the stocks. Amy's mistake, however, has stayed on tape.

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