Scrambled Updates

Excruciatingly Detailed Updates
7/13/2021Added WI maps to E
6/7/2021Imported the original 2002 Scrambled Mind into the Archives - with commentary!
5/26/2021Choose-your-own-adventure maps on R and can't believe I forgot DigiNAS on C!
2/19/2021Enhanced R and added a new List to L
1/30/2021Some formatting and updates to C
1/28/2021Officially de-flash-ified the original welcome page (try clicking that weird off-color spot in the center of the brain)
10/19/2020Finished (?) PHP7 updates including the guestbook (just a few years late...)
6/3/2019S actually has some content now, and E is looking really nice!
5/24/2019The great scramble of 2019!! R->A, B->R, E->R, S->M, M->B, and a new S & E!
5/20/2019Resurrected a new entry on L. Some general cleanup.
9/21/2018Implemented minimal autocorrect for D-game.
2/22/2018Updated many out-of-date or broken D pages. Go try out the game!
9/10/2017Gititized the Scrambled Mind!
9/22/2016Not as much as I hoped, but some new stuff on S and D (but nothing about sand)
3/14/2016Playing with a new meta tag; sub-pages have themed colors now if you view on mobile!
1/14/2016Cleaned up B, including a better and mobile-supported comic font!
1/12/2016Updated the sitemap and added graphic novels to E.
1/11/2016Oooh. Nicer, less-obtrusive backgrounds. And prettier transparent PNG's. Sorry, old IE.
1/7/2015Here we go! Lots of downtime in the next week, so this site is really getting updated. I mean it!
6/15/2015Making the site "responsive!" At least in little ways.
4/1/2015Feeling emotional today; finally updated some songs.
1/9/2015Bumped the original C content to archives where it belongs. Updates to C.
5/6/2014Whoo. Found my old site spell-checker and cleaned up quite a few embarrassing errors.
5/5/2014Some new Songs added to the list; saved NFC on E.
2/9/2014Updated C, added 2014 to B, and a couple more D-words.
1/14/2013'Tis a week of massive updates.
1/10/2013Books is the subject of a highly interesting FlessnerFam blog post
10/11/2012Essentially tripled the content on stale S with barbershop favorites!
10/10/2012Explained on R why I sometimes yell "Straw!" Also starting up URL shortener for scrambled!
10/4/2012An XKCD post led me down the rabbit trail of reading full archives of old webcomics. Today's entry on E: 1/0
9/15/2012Holy Summer break, Batman! It's time to do some updating! Some books, some D's, some extra comics. There!
4/20/2012Firefox is ticking me off. Trying Chrome for a bit. Just Chrome-validated the whole D-game!
4/11/2012Wow. Found a lot of spelling errors on my book reviews. I need to find some way to spell-check hand-coded pages. Also I need to learn to spell humorous.
3/16/2012Went through the NFC archives and picked some favorites (E)
3/1/2012Sweet! Got the graphs working on Books.
2/16/2012E was lacking fresh info. So I added a single comic to BI. Boo ya!
2/15/2012Great Rambling Rabbit Trails! Could I have found a new use for R?
2/7/2012Added a legal disclaimer to the site, though you'll have to find it yourself.
1/23/2012Russveep is a new Benword
1/14/2012Updated C with newer descriptions; added new tablet
1/9/2012Added 2012 to Books, since I'm still reading
11/30/2011Unlinked books missing reviews; started adding books read before 2009
11/26/2011Added commentary about Books read in 2011
11/18/2011Added Ancestors to E
11/4/2011New desk layout at work plus more love for my Desire at C.
10/27/2011Sold a camera from C.
10/15/2011Some thoughts on the new Kindles at C.
9/18/20119 new 555 #'s
5/18/2011Another dozen words added to D in the last week. I'm waiting until 200 to publish... but I said that before 100, too
5/12/2011Added Interestinosity to Benwords
5/5/2011Hehe. The Digi Deli is open for business. (You have to find it yourself!)
5/5/2011Whoops. Fixed this display and Rambling's twitter widget in IE. Stupid IE.
5/2/2011Teensy update on the Computers page
4/28/2011Added a dozen or so new entries to the D-game
4/22/2011Couple new 'book' reviews
4/8/2011Made the 555-List more functional; added hundreds of secret entries you can't see unless you're me
4/7/20114 more books reviewed
3/31/2011Added this list. :-)
3/31/2011Added my watch to Computers
3/30/2011Added Twitter widget to Ramblings
3/29/2011Yay! Bluehost fixed my 404 problem. Now bad links have a neat effect!
3/28/2011Basic Instructions comic added to Entertainment

Originally listed at the bottom of the brain, I pulled this off to its own page to keep the front page cleaner.

Major / Old Updates

March, 2012 - Pulled updates to its own page.

March, 2011 - Sad day... B is no longer Bus Stuff. But now every page on the site has the chance to be updated once in awhile. And Bus Stuff isn't totally relegated to the archives. You can swap back and forth between Books and Bus Stuff.

March, 2011 - A lot of fun with this one... D is now a full-fledged game complete with scoring system and an ever-expanding list of secret words to find! Also added a guestbook.

December, 2010 - Added some social links to M, some gadgets to C, and resurrected Benwords from the archives to L. Apparently, even the sitemap got a facelift!.

April, 2009 - I've been updating the Lists page quite regularly. So much so, that it was getting next to impossible to maintain (especially the 555-list). So I broke down and created databases for both lists. Now it's incredibly easy to add more records. Plus I threw in an AJAX-powered lightbox popup for the book summaries, so they're easier to read. *gasp!* My resistance to new-age web technology is crumbling! At least I still create everything by hand...

March, 2009 - I always wanted a graphical-type map of all the pages on this site, partially to help maintain it when I decide to change a letter (which I seem to do a lot), but also, just to see everything at once. I finally found a neat way to do it, and you can see it here. If I like it, I'll have to find a more prominent way to link it in. (Though I will warn you... it uses CSS *gasp!*)

January, 2009 - Crazy! I've been actually updating things on here regularly. I changed L into Lists, which I'll try to maintain throughout the year. I'm still trying to come up with something useful for D, and some of the other pages have slight updates as well.

November, 2008 - The Computers page actually has a lot more information on it about some of the gadgets and toys I own.

May 13, 2008 - I re-found this while browsing around during a business trip to Phoenix. Crazy stuff. I should go through and make sure there's nothing incriminating on here.

November 2, 2004 - I'm almost afraid to write this... it seems once I write what I'm in the process of changing, I end up not doing any more. But for now... I'm re-doing 'L' and trying to get some other sections updated as well.

May 27, 2004 - Hey! For all the hundreds of people who come here daily... I will get this thing up and running this summer! I promise! I have enough free time...

December 26, 2003 - Well Thanksgiving Break came and went. Big surprise that there's still nothing there yet. Maybe by the first? If I could just find those pictures!

November 17, 2003 - Killed off Cwotes, began Computers. A page I can actually provide content for. Though, since I should be writing a lab report right now, I'll do it "later," which, if I'm lucky, means I'll do it over Thanksgiving break.

October 8, 2003 - Wow, I actually got a page from someone who said they were looking through source code to find the "D" page and came across the old annimated intro to the site. Which means that once in awhile people actually do look at this site. Wierd. Maybe I should update sometime.

June 11, 2003 - No it's not really updated, but things may be slowly changing if you look around closely.

December 1, 2002 - Theoretically I'm starting some heavy work on this site so it might be up and running soon. We'll see.

Page last updated on March 24, 2011. Keep in mind that this time is only when THIS page was last edited. I could very well have worked on pages inside the brain and not put them on the update calendar.

For legality purposes, the content on this site is the express opinion of ME. If you take offense at anything on here, please email the webmaster (put digimuzik in front of that popuplar Google mail service domain and you should be good to go) and I'll do my best to help out. This site is meant to entertain and inform, not offend. Thank you, come again!