Series: Bright Empires

This one seemed really interesting, and I thought as I listened to it that it would be a great story.  But somehow, it felt very over-abridged, but I don't think I was listening to an abridged version (if I was, that would make total sense then).  Sometimes the storyline seemed to jump a lot... though maybe that's a literary device I'm just not quite used to (despite Isaac Asimov's love for it in the Foundation series).  I was often left wanting more of the story, and the end seemed so abrupt.

In looking up the page count for this, though, I see that it is actually part of a series of books, so that sort of answers a lot of questions... or at least should hopefully answer a lot of unanswered questions this book left... er... unanswered. Wow, it's getting late as I write this review. I had better stop now.

It was a good story. Like I said; it just felt like there were too many holes in it. Maybe the sequels will go somewhere...