Series: Robot Series

After finishing up the Complete Robot, I figured I might as well start into the Robot/Empire series head-on.  I skipped the positronic man but re-watched Bicentennial Man for fun. Good flick.

Anyway, as seems to be my theme of these books (I'm in the middle of the third right now), I find it so incredibly unbelievable that humanity could reach the state they're in in this story. (Double in... appropriate?)  The 'Caves of Steel' are huge cities in which people live, completely inside and totally systematized. Everybody has a classification that determines everything from what food they eat (and when) to which seats they can use in the expressway (though that is quite the interesting mode of travel).  But so much more-so... everyone seems terrified of the outside, how it's so foreign. I personally prefer staying inside and claim to dislike going outside... but I don't really loathe it, and really appreciate it from time to time (except for the bugs).

Anyway, it just doesn't seem very realistic... at least compared to many other Sci Fi books/series I've known.  I don't think it's the time difference either (the books having been written over half a century ago).  Meh. Fun stories anyway.