Series: Foundation

So I skipped re-listening to the trilogy and went straight to the sequels. Like the prequels, this one at least was full of good material.

(Despite my efforts at not spoiling anything, reading the next paragraph might spoil something... so stop now if that bothers you)

I would say it's not quite as predictable as the Prelude, since I was still surprised at the end. Though, knowing that the next book is called 'Foundation and Earth' did sort of let a little bit of the story slip that they hadn't quite found Earth yet.  A bit like DVD covers for future seasons of TV shows, showing someone that was mortally wounded in a season finale doesn't actually die... it spoils the suspense, but makes the cliffhanger a bit less of a downer (not sure where that last bit came from; I've been watching the new Battlestar Gallactica, and the season 1 cliffhanger wasn't much of a surprise when I saw the characters on the fronts of the other DVD set covers...  and again I'm rambling. Guess I should stop now...)