Series: Foundation

The audio version of this was 23 parts long, but it was taken from a cassette tape, so each was 45 minutes.  So... that takes us from a potential 26 hours down to 17.5 hours.  But the speaker was SOOO SLOW!  I ran the thing through a time warp at 150%, and while some of the words are a little fast, the pauses are not excruciating any more, and the length of the book went down to 11.5 hours. A bit more manageable!

I did enjoy this one, much more than the dramatization (maybe because there was more to the story, and I could actually understand it!).  Perhaps I'll continue to listen to the whole series this way.  It also got me more interested in reading/listening to his older books, now that I know they're all part of the same universe, apparently (and Prelude definitely dropped some hints about things that, I imagine, would be answered by earlier Empire and Robot novel series).