I must've read this in early 2010, because I know I read it, and it's not on my 2009 list...

Anyway, despite Mark Driscoll's misgivings about it, I liked the book. It maybe was the first one that got me into a mindset of "All Christian's aren't wonderful, and all atheists aren't terrible."  As the book says: "Christian is a great noun and a poor adjective."

A couple other quotes from my Kindle collection:

What’s disturbing then is when people talk more about hell after this life than they do about hell here and now. As a Christian, I want to do what I can to resist hell coming to earth. Poverty, injustice, suffering – they are all hells on earth, and as Christians we oppose them with all our energies. Jesus told us to.

this is because the most powerful things happen when the church surrenders its desire to convert people and convince them to join. It is when the church gives itself away in radical acts of service and compassion, expecting nothing in return, that the way of Jesus is most vividly put on display.

That last one really rings true. It's not about converting everyone (well, kinda, but not directly). It's about serving everyone as Jesus did, demonstrating love, and expecting nothing in return.  An old hymn put it well (though unfortunately, as the earlier quote I wrote, it's not often true today): "They will know we are Christians by our love."