A random off-topic first. This is the first of a few Kindle books I got from my company's 'Professional Development Fund' where we get $50/year to buy books/resources to help our... professional development. In previous years, I've gotten away with getting some PHP/XHTML/MySQL reference binders, and a diff program, but this (last) year, I finally got real books. Another awesome perk of the Kindle is that ... if I had just bought books, I could've maybe gotten 3... possibly 4.  But with the Kindle, I got 6 books (well, one doesn't really count... a 99c stuffer), and they're the perfect kind that I like to read on the Kindle: non-fiction, life-application-type books.

Another off-topic - the font on this one was horrendous. Why, NavPress, did you have to lock-down the book, so I couldn't change the font??  I could've fair-used the DRM away from the file, but then I wouldn't be able to sync my highlights and notes to Amazon. At least I could crank up the size to read it a bit better...

Anyway, this is a good, Christian-based book about creating margin (essentially an abundant absence of overload... I came up with that term myself!) in emotions, physique, finances, and time.

A repeated theme is progress... and how progress doesn't necessarily make things better. While yearning for the "good ol' days" doesn't help (especially since we remember only the good things, and not the hardships), neither does this constant culture of more More MORE!  Quote: What if, instead, we were to begin measuring our progress not by our wealth but by our virtue; not by our education but by our humility and not by our power but by our meekness?

There were many good points in here. Unfortunately, I guess I wasn't it the habit of highlighting too many of them. Argh!