Read this during downtime at family camp - lots of fun stories about the creators and history of The Simpsons. Interesting learnings:

One of the writers - Dan Greaney - a graduate  of Harvard Law School, where he and another student edited rival publications. When told "Look at you now, Dan. You've got a cool job writing for The Simpsons. What became of your rival?" Dan replied, "He's Barack Obama."

"Don't have a cow" dates back to the fifties - it's a variant on the British phrase "don't have kittens."

Wiggum also manages to be dumber and fatter than Homer Simpson. That's why it scares me when police tell me, as they have many times, "You must have cops on staff. Because Chief Wiggum is so true to life."

The French voices for Marge and Homer fell in love and got married in 2001. If you ever wondered, 'Would a woman like Marge ever marry a guy like Homer?' you only have to meet this couple. They're just like their characters: the wife is tall and prim, the husband squat and blunt. And like their characters, they seem crazy in love. L'amour!

Famously, after the Simpsons went to Rio, the city's tourism board threatened to sue us. Their complaint read something like, "When the Simpsons came to Rio, they encountered pickpockets, kidnappers, rat-infested slums, and wild monkeys. There are no wild monkeys in Rio." I later visited Rio and saw hundreds of wild monkeys there.

There were also several recommendations for movies and books to read... but since I'm transcribing this manually, I'm not going to repeat them here. This is more of a note to self: check out your Kindle Voyage's notes for Springfield Confidential!