Series: Foundation

In Orson Scott Card's afterwards in his audiobooks, he often mentioned Asimov's Foundation Trilogy as being his inspiration. I had downloaded this from a website somewhere, but had avoided listening to it, since it was recorded around 1973, the voices were really muffled, and the sound effects were excruciatingly loud to the point of being painful.

I finally got myself to listen through the whole thing, mainly with the aid of some EQ on my Android phone, but also with a constant finger on the volume control, so I didn't go deaf.

I'm not sure how into it I ever got because sometimes I couldn't even follow what people were saying. Also, things seemed to happen way too fast to figure out what was going on (understandable, since now I'm listening to a full-blown audio book from elsewhere in the series, and it's LONG).  Perhaps I'll consider re-listening to the 3 books as real audiobooks once I've gone through the two prelude books.

(And you thought these were supposed to be book summaries, eh?)