Well, I'm not going anywhere with this sickness, and I can't even focus on my smartphone (such a travesty!!), so I used what energy I had to look for another interesting book to read. I must've heard about this because the name itself rang a bell. When I read the description...about how it was filled with 80's references, I was sold!

I really enjoyed this book. Not just for the 80's references, but for the very good story throughout. Of course, maybe it was also that I did the whole think in about 2 sittings (layings), that it seemed so full. I also got several ideas for shows/movies to watch that I had never even heard of.

I remember thinking there'd be no way to make this a movie, just due to all the IP, but sure enough, there's one out this Spring. I hope it won't be a disappointment, but that does seem to be the way these independent sci-fi movies seem to be coming out.