Series: Artemis Fowl

I had read the whole series before (must've been pre-2009?), and when I realized there was a new book, I felt like re-listening again.

Actually, that's not quite true. The 6th book (the last I had read) was originally read by a different reader, which was incredibly painful to endure, given that the first five were done by the same guy, and all the characters had very distinctive voices.  I found the 6th book read by Nathaniel Parker (the good one) and felt like I should re-listen to the first 5 before hearing the good version of #6.

Also, there's a 7th book that's on my waiting list at the Wisconsin audiobook library page.

I must've started this in late 2010 because there's no way I listened to all 6 along with everything else in 2011...