Finally finished this one. I don't know when I started it (Amazon's updated kindle notes page won't tell me...I'm guessing over a year ago), but over the last few weeks I've been reading a chapter each morning. Definitely some good stuff in here; I'm glad I can highlight and review later!

Interestingly, the word Christian only occurs three times in the New Testament, while the word disciple occurs 269 times. Unfortunately, today the word Christian has the connotation of a status our children hold, a card they carry, disconnected from their daily activities. Disciple, on the other hand, implies a lifelong commitment to seek after, learn from, and stay close to our rabbi, Jesus.

Child training is a misnomer. It’s really parent training. Children are sent by God to make us more like Jesus. A child is God’s sanctification machine, calling you to die to yourself daily. Children are a floodlight on the idols of the heart. Idols like comfort, looking good before others, control, success, or peace are all revealed by my little sinner!

Unfortunately, rather than focusing on the heart, too many Christian families focus on behavior management. If their children are well behaved, all is well. Unknowingly, they can be raising little hypocrites—children who honor God with their lips but have hearts far from him.