Found a new library online that has some excellent rotating recommendations. Since I've been struggling with such a deluge of content with no clear path forward on what to read next, I haven't actually been reading as much as I'd like. Now, maybe that will change.

Who wouldn't want to read about Carrie Fisher, especially with episode VIII coming out, the first Star Wars since her death?! Well, maybe some other memoirs are more interesting; this one seemed to mostly dwell on Carrison - her short affair with Harrison Ford during the filming of the first movie that remained a secret for over 40 years. There was certainly a lot of inner-soul-searching type stuff in the book (it was her diaries, after all), but I honestly wasn't too interested in most of that.

Other parts of the book-like talking about how signing autographs felt like an actor's lap dance (selling some of your dignity for money), or how she always interacted well with fans, even the slightly crazy ones (or at least, that's how she comes across in this self-written book!)-were much more enjoyable.

It was also fun to have a book that I could pick up and finish in 2-3 days; not like the weeks it's been taking me to finish audiobooks or other less interesting ones.