Some article I read told me I had to read this book, with the added bonus that it was free.  It's a science-fiction book set in the not-distant-at-all future (it's really just a few years ahead of present-day: iPods are comically large; earbuds now store all the music you'll ever need) about a new breed of inventors that create new and amazing things so rapidly, an entire culture develops around it.  There are tons of creative ideas the characters come up with; it would be really exciting to see some of the concepts come to fruition.

If books had rating systems, this one would definitely be R for language and some brief violence. It could certainly have done without the seemily out-of-place graphic romance novel in the middle (just a few pages worth), since any other 'encounters' were only hinted at. It was also a little odd reading this in that there were no chapter breaks, though the scene clearly shifted now and again. That could easily have been a result of the format conversion, though. Still a great read if you can get past the language and if you skip a few pages right in the middle.