Series: Peanuts

I finally finished the entire history of, what an undertaking!

Maybe it was sentimentalism, but I thought some of the last two years' worth of comics were the best. I know I found my self laughing out loud a lot more at them and screenshotting with more regularity (yeah, I have a big task ahead of me to add these to E).

I was a little curious as to how they'd fill v25 with content, since it was 1999-2000, but there were only a few strips from 2000. Well, they filled it with all of Sparky's (Charles Schultz's nickname) Li'l People comics he did before he ever started Peanuts. Certainly interesting, and I could see some roots of Peanuts characters in there (in fact, the very first Peanuts strip was pretty much verbatim from one of these), but I did find myself missing the regular characters a bit.

Also - a bit of a surprise...there's a volume 26! I had come to enjoy the "coming soon" portion from the back flap and missed it for v25 (v24 didn't have it). But lo and behold there's another volume I wouldn't have even known about it had I made it a habit to skip these back pages. In other words, I guess I'm not done yet!