Series: Bible

See: this is why Nov-Dec is pretty sparse with books. I've been listening to the Bible chronologically. I'm probably going to take a little bit of a break, but wanted to record that I've gotten everything through 2nd Samuel, 1 Chronicles, Job, and most of Psalms.  The first few books are pretty much as-written (with the exception of Job stuck into the middle of Genesis). Then it gets interesting as Chronicles mirrors events in Samuel. Often times I had a feeling of deja vu as I'd listen to a story being repeated in the two books. It certainly helps cement some things in your mind though.

Amanda's been doing this with a different reading plan that actually breaks up chapters (my audio version is chapter-based, so I try to round to the nearest chapter). She's seen a few discrepancies in the genealogies of early Chronicles vs Genesis, but my reading plan just put Chronicles with Samuel. I did however, notice an interesting difference between 2nd Samuel 24:1 and 1st Chronicles 21:1 in stating what caused David to take an inappropriate census of Israel. In Samuel, it says the 'anger of the LORD burned against Israel, and he caused David to ... take a census.' But in Chronicles, it says 'an adversary' or 'Satan' caused David to do this. It was definitely strange to hear the Samuel version that sounded like God caused David to take a census and then got angry with him, when the Chronicles version (Satan in NIV) makes more sense. My NET notes say that Samuel gives an underlying theological perspective, while the Chronicler simply described what happened from a human perspective. Interesting.

The Psalms were interesting to hear sprinkled throughout David's life, though the narrator often made David sound overly whiny. I know several of the Psalms are lamentations, but still.  Other Psalms made me go 'aha! I've heard that before!' since many songs and hymns are based directly on a Psalm.  I also still tend to get distracted: they used several big-name speakers at least in part of the Psalms. A whole clump of chapters made me think I was listening to Landover again.

I could probably chat a lot more about this huge collection of verses/books. This probably doesn't count as good 'study' time, but there were several times when I would jot a note on a particular verse that struck me as interesting or odd, so I think I'm getting something out of this exercise...