Series: Saga

I remember liking this series when I read it a few years ago. Then we moved to Iowa, I noticed Hoopla (our new library's digital platform) had this series, and I wondered if I remembered anything. I had issue 30ish on my tablet, but that didn't seem familiar... I went back to an earlier issue and that seemed vaguely familiar. Oh, well; let's just read the whole series again.

Man - this thing sure has the feels. I know I cried several times and most definitely laughed out loud in many places. Of course, as I was nearing this run, I said something about "not having cried in awhile" ... and of course I got a really good one (the text on the page was "daddy! daddy! daddy! daddy! daddy! daddy!" so ... 'ya know). And then those jerks ripped out my heart at the end of this issue. I can handle beloved characters dying in a series, but man... you get so many "feels" for these characters that what they pulled... and then pages and pages of pure black (I'm sure the printers loved that). I wanna go back to the happy cry a few pages earlier. :(

If not for the extremely graphic (and pretty regular...) content, this would be a great story to share with my kids. I've heard this is a "gateway comic" to get women into reading, but the mature content is a little too much for my wife. We'll see. Maybe some day.