Really, really good read. I'm not sure I could do any justice to summarize it here, but I definitely recommend to anyone who seeks to better understand some of the fundamental barriers between Islam and Christianity. There is just so much ingrained tradition and heritage in the religion/culture - if Christians had that same amount of life-support, we probably wouldn't lose so many students in college / teenage years. Then again, if every person was devoted as Nabeel in actively seeking out true answers to historical claims, even in the face of their own predispositions, we might have a lot more real followers of Christ in this world.

Rather than copy all my highlights, I'll throw out one inoffensive quote to help in any potential interactions with Pakistanis - assuming everyone has been cordial and the non-Pakistani has been invited over for a dinner:

In Pakistani culture, punctuality is not nearly as important as it is to Westerners. Social considerations take priority. It’s often seen as uptight to be punctual, and to show up to someone’s home at the invited time is actually considered somewhat rude. What if they are making last minute preparations for your arrival? It would impugn their hospitality to arrive before they are ready. Fifteen or thirty minutes late is a safe bet.