I've been in a bit of a dry spell, at least in regards to reading good nonfiction books. I had a short list in my notebook of "books to read" and since I kept failing to find them for free on Overdrive or other free alternatives, I decided to finally just buy some and spend *gasp* real money. ....and of course the first one I buy is one that Amanda says, "I think you already have that one..." We're in the middle of preparing for a movie, so it wasn't easily found...but she did eventually find it after I had already bought and started reading it on Kindle. Oh well. It seemed like a good book, and I appreciate the highlighting capabilities there. I didn't feel like there was a lot of new content here, but maybe because I've read many books like this in the past. Still, I got quite a few good highlights, so let's do the quote-based review!

when a daughter looks into the mirror, she needs to hear her father’s voice in her heart reminding her that she is beautiful and loved. As a result, girls with strong dads are much more likely to feel secure—and are much less likely to have eating disorders and identity issues or to become sexually active in their teen years

Whether it’s delighting in His creation, enthusiastically telling them stories from His Word, or celebrating His goodness in ordinary conversation, you should delight in the Lord around your kids.

Periodically ask them things like . . . Have I ever wounded you and not made it right? Have I said one thing and done another? Have I made promises and not kept them? Is there anything you’re angry with me about? Is there anything you’re not telling me because you’re afraid?

His love makes you respectful. When Jesus presented truth to unbelievers, He left it up to them as to how to respond. He didn’t force it down their throats. He didn’t twist their arms to make them follow Him. He spoke the truth with love and grace while showing respect. Though rebuking or challenging a brother in the faith can often be the most loving way to treat him, our behavior toward those who do not believe should be graced with extra warmth, compassion, and kindness. This is the most effective way to reach them.

I guess most of my highlights were parenting tips. That's always good. Oh, here's one to keep in mind about marriage:

Is your wife weary, worn out, and always feeling like she is carrying too much on her shoulders?