It's been awhile since I've read a fiction book "just for fun." I forget how quickly I can get through them. I read about 1/3 of this in a day, and finished it in just a couple more sittings. It was certainly a fast-moving story (as the cover said), but it was a little bit ridiculous of a concept. Maybe the point was to be terrifying in regards to humanity's fascination with biological weapons, but it just exploded too quickly for me to actually care too much about the characters.

I think I got this one several months ago for one of Amazon's "First" monthly freebies. That doesn't mean that all "new" authors or newly-published books are going to be lower quality, but certainly reviews of free books tend to be a bit more glowing (especially if you're reading a publisher's comment about their new project).

It seems like this author, though, puts out a ton of books, and glancing through the covers, they all seem the same. I dunno. I won't completely write off this author, but I'm not going to actively seek out other books of his.