In trying to finish up a bunch of old PDF books from Epic, I found that this one was almost complete. A neat book about how the real thing people study in all sciences is ignorance: what we don't actually know. Since it's a Kindle book, some randomly highlighted quotes...

People who want to know what use something is rarely seem to have much imagination.

The smartest thing I’ve ever heard said about the brain was from the comic Emo Philips. “I always thought the brain was the most wonderful organ in my body; and then one day it occurred to me, ‘Wait a minute, who’s telling me that?’”

Puzzles engage us, questions are more accessible than answers, and perhaps most important, emphasizing ignorance makes everyone feel more equal, the way the infinity of space pares everyone down to size. Journalists can aid in this cause, but scientists themselves must take the lead. They have to learn to talk in public about what they don’t know without feeling this is an admission of stupidity. In science, dumb and ignorant are not the same. We all know this; it’s how we talk to each other and to our graduate students. Can we also let the public in on the secret?