The biggest takeaway from this book is wondering what my brother-in-law's future holds. At least I would have that in common if I ever met a little person in real life. I actually tried making a connection with someone in a small group once through my relative with Achondroplasia, but it turned out they just had slightly shorter-than-normal limbs. Oops.

Anyway, in advance apology for any awkwardness I show towards little people, tall people, people of other races, handicapped people... I promise it's not out of racism or bigotry but of simply a complete lack of experience with anybody significantly different than myself and more self consciousness at making a fool of myself rather than thinking anybody else has less value. I do aspire to cherish every human being no matter how different from me they appear (or actually are).

Maybe I just need to spend a lot more time with my brother-in-law!