Series: Peanuts

One great pickup from Comixology Unlimited was the first 5 volumes of The Complete Peanuts. These are each 2 year's worth of every Peanuts comic ever. Reading through this first one was an immensely enjoyable experience, and the well-written intro and ending content of the book added a lot of neat value, too.

I'm going through and saving off neat strips, like the first appearances of key characters or situations. It's been interesting watching some of the kids grow up from younger babies. It also explains quite a bit of the tension between Charlie Brown and Lucy - he was pretty rough on her the first couple years! For some reason, I also thought he was her brother for awhile, but alas, no... that's Linus.

Schroeder also gets his first piano, and we learn that it only has stickers for the black keys (or maybe that's in Vol 2?). He plays all the complicated pieces so well, though, because he practices a lot. Also, the first appearance of his aversion to accordions (and a side note - wow, I've been spelling that wrong for years!) isn't just a hatred for the instrument, but due to a loss at a young amateurs competition where he loses to an accordion player.

Lots of firsts in this. And lots of fun to learn some history of this long-time favorite strip/artists (no... not strip artist...that came out wrong... okay, I'd better quit while I'm behind...)