Comixology started up a new "Unlimited" program, initially billed as a "Netflix for comics", it doesn't actually let you binge read series, but opens up many series first volumes (usually 5-6 issues) instead of the 1st issue that is usually free.

But there are a few one-shots available, and this one popped up and looked interesting. I was willing to give it a bit of leeway (it is, after all, a 21st century comic adaptation of Noah, and not exactly from the makers of the Action Bible).

It was...okay...but got pretty weird near the end. I can put up with Noah encountering giant "watchers" (apparently angels sent to Earth to watch over humans) - honestly, how else could he have built the ark. And maybe I can accept his being a big strong tough guy to stand up for principles in a world filled with evil men.

But I thought they took it a bit too far when Noah got it into his head that the flood was meant to wipe out all of humanity, including his own family; he thought his job was just to save the animals, so he wouldn't permit his son to take on board a newly-found wife, and his only other daughter-in-law he had expected to be barren. When she becomes pregnant he threatens to kill the child if it's a girl, which of course it is. Alas, he finally relents and does allow her to live, so humanity can go on.

There was certainly a lot of creative liberty taken here!