Wow. What a surprise. Here I was expecting the previously well-enjoyed sequel to Wired, and I ended up with a completely different book. It just happened to have the same title and be by a similarly-named author (okay, so they both start with D and use a middle initial) whose other works I had read.

I thought something was amiss when I didn't recognize any of the plot... I had recognized Wired right away. I thought maybe I recalled that Wired's sequel didn't quite start out with the main characters, so I was just suspecting to get around to them eventually. I was at least halfway (probably more like 80%) through when I finally decided I'm listening to the wrong book. At this point, though, I was more or less into the story and decided to finish it.

I was not a big fan of the profanity or of the instant switch of human behavior directed against the "enhanced" individuals after a law that would never actually pass in the real world was announced. The idea that humans could be enhanced with an electrode in the brain is very intriguing (and so in line with Wired, which is why I thought maybe I possibly was listening to the sequel...), but the idea that it would cause such a divide...especially when so many "amped" individuals were poverty-stricken children with learning disabilities. I.E. it wasn't just for the rich.