Series: The Circle Series

Great end to the series (though apparently there's a 4th book to this "triology"; my neice said it wasn't worth reading, but as a completionist, I probably will go ahead and to it...anyway).

Red was so good, that I was dismayed to have to wait almost two months for the waiting list to clear for this one. And I couldn't find it via any "alternate" methods of searching for books. But then I remembered I have access to another state's library system! Amazingly, the book was available from Iowa's online library, so I grabbed it and started right in. Hooray - another unabridged version!

We're firmly in allegorical territory with this book. The whole story presented a very interesting perspective on Christ's relationship with His church. There wasn't anything crazy heretical in here, but I'm not exactly a theologian!

Very good ending, though a little open-ended. We'll see what Green has in store....