Series: The Long Earth

A great sequel to a fun concept of parallel dimensions.

I especially like (throughout this series) the random references to old (or not-so-old) movies or other pop culture, most of which I recognize. I appreciate "near-future" science fiction (or, I suppose in this case, fantasy) as the setting is so relatable (as opposed to super-far-future settings like Star Trek or Utopian/Dystopian settings, or science fiction from a century ago that allegedly takes place now, though now is obviously not like the setting in the book... though those are fun in their own rights... but I digress...and ramble...).

The main complaint I'd have about this one is that the "Long War" never really seemed to actually materialize. Yeah, there was some conflict between viewpoints in the treatment of the humanoid species that had been encountered, and the slightly ridiculous setting of Datum Earth freezing all the pioneer's assets (which really wasn't even part of the Long War even). But it seemed like things resolved before any war-like scenarios emerged. Not that I super-love war scenarios; they have their place in literature.