I'm on a work trip in Orlando, FL and making some pretty significant life decisions (well, actually I seem to do that on every trip like this; maybe I should take more... but that would be a life decision in the opposite direction in which I want to go). When I went to a bookstore with a coworker friend, I quickly ducked out and went to the Christian bookstore next door. I'm always looking for good books to motivate me to be a better husband and father, and I feel like I did quite well on this trip.

I found several great deals here (including one whose title brought tears to my eyes: "She Calls Me Daddy"; I hope that's as good as my first reaction!), but I remember actually getting the first book of this (For Women Only) at a conference with Amanda.

This one, to turn the tables, fully explains the female mind to men.

Hah. Well, not really. But it has many good points in it which even I, a seasoned veteran of numerous marriage retreats and love-and-respect type books, got many things out of. Now to just remember to put them into practice when I get back home!