Series: The Circle Series

My author niece loves to rave about Ted Dekker and when I told her I was between authors and actually had 3 different Dekker audiobooks on my phone at the moment, she ecstatically said I should start with the Circle Series.

My wife had heard that he was a Christian-minded author that "maybe does science fiction." Well, it turns out he's more into fantasy and thrillers, but then again I like those, too. And especially if they're not going to go way off the deep end into mysticism or other crazy or inappropriate stuff.

Unfortunately, it turned out the book I had was actually an 'abridged dramatization' and the full book was not available from the same source. It was definitely abridged - so now I don't really know if I understand Ted's style - does he really rush through plot points like that or was it the abridgement? Moreover, I was a bit annoyed because I was expecting some dramatization, but the most I ever noticed were the (quite obnoxious) musical clips at the end of every chapter which all ended up cut-off.

To make matters worse, with my first-world techie problems, I was not able to get the subsequent books right away through my typical "back door" channels. I'll have to *gasp* wait until they become available on my e-library. Then again, maybe I should just try to find the unabridged versions at the brick & mortar library and re-listen to the first book. I've done it before, and I have a feeling that Ted Dekker might be a better author to try this with than Audrey Niffenegger.