At last! I picked up a random book from the 'humor' shelf at the local bookstore and it wasn't utter crap or something I had read before!

Actually, it turns out Jim is a currently popular comedian who keeps his material clean and professes a belief in God (though he isn't preachy about it).

I picked up this book because it was about a guy with 5 kids, and I thought for a moment and said "hey! I have five kids! We have something in common!" Now his kids aren't all girls, but aside from that fact, I could definitely relate to many of his stories, especially with the way people treat you after you have another kid.

The chapters were short and eminently readable. So much so that after a few chapters, I ended up reading it with Amanda (which is why it took so long to finish). We read it in the car going to/from family holiday gatherings and sometimes just read some in the evening to perk up our spirits a bit. It never took long!