Perhaps it was the narrator or perhaps it was the author, but at times I felt like I was listening to Heorot all over again. Again, he gets a little too descriptive with adult "relationships" but not too obscene.

Anyway - the premise of this book is a group of humans have set out to colonize a new world, leaving their overly technological world behind (apparently the Singularity happened and they didn't like it), only to run into a minor disaster and use up all of their antimatter only partway to their final destination.

They could decide to use technology to create more antimatter, but instead (since they have crazy long lives due to cryogenic sleep + rejuvination nanobots...they haven't given up on ALL technology) they opt to create a temporary civilization on a moon where their "children" will grow up and form the anitmatter collider and create fuel for the ship to finally continue on its way, leaving all the moon's inhabitants on their own, apparently to die out within 500 years due to lack of technology/resources.

Amazingly, the moonborn don't take to well to what they eventually realize is outright slavery. They rebel, and eventually get everybody, moonborn, the "council" on the ship, and several hundred "earthborn" passengers to all work together and agree to treat everyone like humans.