Amanda's group went through this book and really liked it. She kept prodding me to read it, so I finally did. I sped through it pretty quickly, though, so I didn't get as much out of it as I should have. I think I approached it with a negative attitude considering I didn't like the implication that God essentially hates all of us because he finds lukewarm living detestable. Okay, obviously, the book didn't say that, but it's the impression I got from the couple of chapters on the subject. He gave many examples of lukewarm..ity to demonstrate that we all display it in one form or another. But don't couple that with a passage about God spitting out a church for being lukewarm... that doesn't sit well with me. Essentially, I put two and two together to read the chapter as 'God detests everyone.' Which is certainly not true, and most likely not the author's intent.

I suppose it's not really a book aimed at seekers, and while I'm not technically a seeker, I'm sort of in a seeker mindset lately, and easy to take offense to things like this.

The book does challenge the reader to experience more of God's 'Crazy Love' in sometimes radical ways. Everyone I've talked to seems to love the book; it's too bad I had such a negative reaction to a couple chapters in the middle of it. Perhaps in another year, I can re-read it in a new context. (And, just perhaps, my reaction is an indication of a larger problem in my life; I can certainly admit that!)