Series: Time Odyssey

Better than the last one, this book seemed to tie the events of the first two books together. We revisited the time-fractured world Mir and averted yet another Firstborn-originated threat. It's a bit disappointing that the book ended on a little cliffhanger and now there's no sign of a sequel (though that's peanuts compared to the reason: Arthur C. Clarke died a few years ago - sad).

Still, I can continue to complain about Bisesa's phone. Apparently its communications radio is amazing. Without a network of cell towers or (as seems the more likely method of connection) satellites, the phone can still maintain a connection through the mysterious "Eye" even when on the opposite side of the globe! People think space travel is marvelous, but this phone is truly miraculous!

I also don't see how this has any tie to Clarke's original Space Odyssey. Wikipedia says this is an "orthoquel" - Clarke's term for an orthogonal (perpendicular) series. In Space Odyssey the aliens are benevolent and want to encourage life,while in Time Odyssey, the aliens want to preserve all the energy entropy in the galaxy for themselves which requires exterminating every civilization which might become advanced. Okay. (I mean, not that that idea is okay, but okay, I now see the "relationship" to the other series.)