Series: Time Odyssey

Saw the 3rd one of this series and it looked interesting... something to do with the beings responsible for the monolith from the original 2001 Space Odyssey. In this one, people from different time periods are thrust together in a "fractured" world; Alexander the Great, along with some 19th century English soldiers and 3 21st century characters fight off a Mongol invasion led by Genghis Khan himself.

I didn't catch much of the "beings" responsible for this, but maybe that comes out more in book 2?

This story was slightly similar to Under the Dome (which I'm almost finished with) but much less depressing. The ending, though, definitely made me go, "Wait, what?"

One point of huge science-related annoyance was the performance of the main character's phone. I don't mind it having AI or somehow carrying the wealth of knowledge it does even while disconnected from the Internet. It bugs me a little bit that apparently the same phone has served her since age 12 - no need for annual upgrades? But what's more irritating is its batter apparently last five years. I'm personally a bit annoyed at the state of batteries today - nothing lasting more than a few hours or days because everyone wants to make devices smaller and smaller and, well everyone plugs in every day or two anyway, right? But even if we get to the point where "plugging in" is a thing of the past, the batteries must either last forever, or need to be recharged somehow - either via something like wireless power (which would not be present on Mir) or via kinetic or solar charging (which would most certainly be present). I just can't see how a device pulled out of modernity could last 5 years without lasting indefinitely. There's no practical reason to store that much reserve given the alternatives.

Alas, I sound a bit short-sided there. I'll have to come back and check this in a couple of decades or so, and see if my statement holds up!